Author Guest Post: Cover Loving by Eve Silver

Eve Silver loves kayaking and sunshine, dogs and desserts, and books, lots and lots of books. Rush is her first novel for teens. On Tuesday, she answered The Frenzy Five here. Today, she’ll talk about the cover of Rush, and tell you how you could win a signed copy!

I’m going to confess now. I have some serious book cover love going on.

The first time I saw a jpg of the cover concept for RUSH I was sitting on my kayak in the middle of Lake Simcoe taking a paddling break. I don’t usually look at my phone while I’m kayaking, but I knew my publisher would be sending the cover concept soon so I was obsessively checking my email. And then there it was.

My heart started pounding. My mouth went dry. What if it wasn’t anything I’d imagined? What if it didn’t match my vision of the book? Hopes are one thing; reality is often something quite different. I couldn’t look. I couldn’t NOT look.

I clicked the email.

I waited for the cover to load.

I just sat there and stared. And then—yeah, I’m not too proud to admit this—I teared up. I’d had a million thoughts about what the cover might look like, a million dreams. And this was nothing like any of them.

It was better. It was perfect. Somehow, the artist and designer and art director had made four simple letters come alive. They seemed to shimmer and move, conveying the action, adrenaline, intensity and energy of my story, and the life-or-death game the characters are drawn into.

And the colours! Blue: the colour of patience, perseverance, sense of duty and self-control. Blue-green and turquoise: complex colours, imaginative and unique. Violet: rich and vibrant, creative, the colour that is order in chaos. The colours picked up themes from the story and character traits from the main protagonists, Miki and Jackson and Luka and Carly.

I’ll never forget that moment on a clear, still lake under the blue sky and sun. A perfect moment. One where disappointment hovered at the edge of possibility only to be shoved aside and replaced with joy. Have you ever had a moment like that, one where you barely dared hope for something great and were incredibly surprised and overjoyed when your expectations were far exceeded?


Click here to find out more about Rush, and visit @HCCFrenzy on twitter for a chance to win a signed copy!

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