5,000 Twitter followers (and counting!)

It’s only the second week in, but July has already been an exciting month for us at The Savvy Reader! Last week, we celebrated the halfway point in our 50 Book Pledge. This week, 50 Book Pledge-ers officially read over 50,000 books and we’ve reached our own personal milestone:

5,000 Twitter followers (and counting!)

We’re so happy to share reading with you, and we want to celebrate all week! Below, you can enter to win a 50 Book Pledge Featured Read (to see which books you can choose from, click here). Simply enter by following the instructions below.

Don’t forget to include what you’d like to see on the blog in the comments, we’re looking for suggestions from savvy readers like you!

Good luck!

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31 thoughts on “5,000 Twitter followers (and counting!)

  1. I really enjoy author interviews, love to hear about the writing process and what inspires. I am also quite fond of giveaways πŸ˜€

  2. Love it! More giveaways of course, and things we can participate in! (like the great 50 book challenge!

  3. Honestly, I love the quality and frequency of the many features on the site. Of course, I would never turn away more giveaways…

  4. I love the book challenge and I love following you guys on twitter and seeing what everyone else is reading. My to-be-read list keeps growing and growing. Plus you haven’t steered me wrong on a featured read yet!

  5. I’d love to see more book reviews, info on current releases as well as older books, lots of giveaways!!, and votes on what readers are currently reading and loving. πŸ™‚ Great blog!!

  6. I love literary pairings. But the bread and butter of any book blog should be the reviews. I think you’ve got that covered. Love the concept of 100 word reviews – I may borrow it!

  7. I love the giveaways and book recommendations. I would like some Twitter chats with authors.


  8. Just read letters to a young poet by Rainer Maria Rilke it was a great read

  9. I would love to see more reviews by other readers… maybe feature a few of the reviews on the site? I also like your idea of author guest posts. Giveaways are always welcome!

  10. I love all of Savvy Reader’s book recommendations. I’ve never had a bad tip from you guys. So, in light of that, I’d like more Top Ten Lists and even backlist recommendations. Keep up the great work! πŸ˜‰

  11. I would love to see some top 10 lists, and maybe some author suggested novels. Giveaways are always fun too!

  12. More giveaways are always welcome. I also like to see recommendations “if you liked A then you’ll probably like B.”

  13. Top 10 Lists really help me gauge what great books are out there! And of course, giveaways! Thanks!

  14. Reviews are great! Top Ten lists I love! I’m so glad to be participating in the #50bookpledge!

  15. I agree with some of the others – word of mouth is so important with books – Gone Girl, The Son, The Passage etc. I love to read reviews from people who have read the same books as me!

  16. More giveaways and info on the authors and any feature work and novels! Will sure check out reviews and any other tidbits we should know in the literature world.

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