007 is BACK!

Part of my job is putting together marketing plans for our books. Sometimes those plans are super secret because the books are by politicians, celebrities or big name authors, and it’s important for us to keep things under wraps until we’re ready to unleash the hype! 🙂

One day, our publisher pulled me into her office with a smile and said, “there’s a secret project coming.” That’s all she said. No pre-amble, no context. The door was closed, we sat across from each other at the table and she slowly slipped a white stack of paper across to me. On the top sheet were three, simple characters and only three characters:


I laughed. That was my first reaction!

A James Bond novel? Really?! As a huge Bond fan all of my life—at this time I had either already gone to see Skyfall on opening night or had just purchased my advance tickets—I couldn’t have been more excited. So, I solemnly accepted the task (and my cyanide pill) and left with a huge secret I’d sworn on Her Majesty’s honour to protect.

Now that SOLO is out I’m happy to review it because it’s very simple to sum up: this is the Bond we love. The Guardian in the UK declared it, “A triumph. Bond is back.” Everything you want in a Bond novel or movie is here: the gadgets, the action, the intrigue, the romance, the cars, the charm. I promise when you read it, whether or not your favourite Bond is Craig, Brosnan, Dalton, Moore, Connery or Lazenby, you will recognize this character fully as if the iconic score was playing while you read it.

What’s really cool about this book is that even if you’re NOT a Bond fanatic like me, you will love it. William Boyd, the author this time around, is one of the most respected bestselling authors of thriller writing today (check out his novel Waiting for Sunrise). I really believe that even if you changed the main character’s name you’d love this book just for the twists and turns Boyd sends us on. I’m not often swept up in a novel like this and I really was left dumbfounded by one reveal in particular. Boyd is the ideal writer to take up Ian Fleming’s mantle and restore Bond to his rightful place in the literary consciousness.

I absolutely loved SOLO and think you will too. Participating in the 50 Book Pledge? Click here to add SOLO to your “To Read” shelf, and find out how you can receive your Agent 007 Badge here.

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