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I’m pretty lucky to have quite a few signed books now in my collection. There’s nothing like opening the pages of a favourite read and seeing your name scrawled inside, and remembering what it was like to be in that author’s presence. Here are 5 of my very favourite signed books!

5.  Divergent by Veronica Roth

So Veronica Roth came to visit Toronto a couple months after Divergent first went on sale. I was a huge, huge fan of the book and was so excited to meet this young, sweet, up-and-coming author (and boy, we had no idea how big she’d become! I mean, we knew her books were special, but I never imagined a movie, worldwide bestselling trilogy, live interviews with Ryan Seacrest… It’s so amazing!) Of course, she came right in the middle of my vacation, so I never got to meet Veronica, but I did come home to a signed book, with the perfect, perfect message for fans of the book:

2. Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket & Seth

How cool is that artwork?! It was such a treat to meet Seth, a Canadian artist, and have him draw something special for me. And he seriously did this in a minute. So talented! I like to think it looks like me too, but there’s no proof of that… And meeting Lemony Snicket‘s official representative was very cool too 🙂

3. Everything’s Perfect When You’re a Liar by Kelly Oxford

You have to follow @KellyOxford on twitter. Seriously, you do. She’s hilarious. I was a bit nervous to meet her because she’s a former model, she’s so smart, she’s friends with Jimmy Kimmel and Olivia Wilde, and did I mention she’s so funny? So funny. So yes, meeting her I barely said two words, but I did manage to smile a lot, which prompted this nice message:

(And yes, I do know that the title of her book is all about lying, but I’m just going to assume she was being honest.)

4. The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

I love Mitch Albom. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a copy of Tuesday’s with Morrie shortly after my grandpa passed away when I was 13. That book gave me so much comfort and taught me a lot about grief and the ways we remember the people that leave us. Ever since then, I’ve read everything Mitch Albom has written. Last year, I was lucky enough to get to meet Mitch and hosted a twitter chat with him in our offices. Following the chat, he left me with this message:

“To Shannon – Thanks for walking me through the twitter world! I felt a little less lost! Hope you enjoy this new one.”

I know it seems silly, but I felt so lucky to help a guy that has helped me so much through his writing, even if it was just talking about twitter. Also, he’s the nicest man!

5. State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett was just here on Monday, and I’m still smiling over the message she wrote in my book. I was really nervous about meeting Ann because she’s so smart, witty, funny, accomplished, talented, charming… And, I love her books too. So anyways, I tried to hold myself together and not do or say anything too embarrassing. The first thing I do when I meet her? Curtsey. Of course I did. She totally called me out on it, we laughed, and then talked a bit about what I do at Harper, she explained why she doesn’t tweet (yet), and just left me completely charmed. When I got back to my desk and read her message in my book I just couldn’t help but smile. Sometimes being a bit of a nerd can be endearing, I guess. 🙂 (But seriously, I love Ann Patchett. Read her books!)

There you go!

Do you have any favourite signed books on your shelf? Let me know!

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  1. I have “Weaveworld” signed by Clive Barker. He also drew a large picture of his character, who has all the pins stuck in his head.

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