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I’m a nerd. I’m not saying this because it’s cool, but because it’s fact. Growing up it was a definite source of embarrassment, but as you get a little older you realize that it’s okay to like what you like. When I was a kid I would have never bragged about owning The Star Wars Encyclopedia, let alone studying it like a holy book. As an adult, though, I’ve learned to embrace it. (I started displaying my comic book collection outside of their white cardboard fortresses of solitude.) And seeing as birds of a feather often flock together, a lot of my friends are also fanboys and fangirls. Some of them knit Dr. Who scarves in their spare time. Others spend eleven months out of the year constructing giant robot costumes and anime character props in anticipation of the following years’ Fan Expo in Toronto.

As the holidays approach I know that there are people out there who just don’t know what kind of gifts to get for the special fanboy or girl in their life. For those unfamiliar with our obsessions, all dragons look the same, all science fiction revolves around lasers and all dystopian wastelands share the same batch of tumbleweeds and marauders. This, unfortunately for you, the gift buyer, is not so. Below you’ll see some great gift ideas that any fanboy or girl would be stoked to get. Hopefully this helps some folks out and may you all live long and prosper.

First making the rounds in 1963, “Doctor Who” is one of the most beloved characters in all of science fiction. Being such a popular TV show means that there is a TON of merchandise on the market. Need a bathrobe replica of the 4th Doctor’s jacket and scarf combo? No problem! Still a little cold? How about some Doctor Who themed knee high socks? Kitsch aside, there are two amazing books available on everybody’s favorite Time Lord. Doctor Who: The Vault is perfect for both old and new fans of the series. Covering everything from the first pre-production notes and sketches from 1963, to behind the scene facts from the current series and a guide to Doctor Who collectables, this book has it all. Plus, it’s TARDIS blue and looks really awesome. The other really neat book is Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Lives and Times. This book tells the story of the one of science fictions most beloved characters through the eyes of his friends and enemies and using cool extras like letters, journals, trial records and secret government files. It’s a really cool idea and ads a depth and sense of realism to the character that I’ve never seen in a book before. And yes, there’s a TARDIS book light out there too.

Dystopian fiction is all the (extremely bleak) rage these days. It’s definitely been one of my favorite genres for as long as I can remember. From the Mad Max movies to the Fallout video games, there’s always been something really fascinating to me about that “what if…” question that good dystopian fiction offers. As far as books go, nothing I’ve seen in recent times is anywhere near as exciting as the Divergent trilogy. Set in a in a futuristic Chicago where society has been divided into five factions, the series follows sixteen-year old Beatrice “Tris” Prior and the incredible difficult trials she must face in order to feel like she belongs, all while a something much larger and sinister looms in the background. Now that the trilogy is complete, people new to the series can pick up the Divergent Series Complete Box Set and read it all back-to-back! Plus, the series is being made into a movie with the first one due out in March, 2014 and who doesn’t like to read the book before they see the movie?!


Like the A Song of Fire and Ice books and/or the “Game of Thrones” TV series? Of course you do! They’re both incredible! Now what if I told you about a book that author, George R.R. Martin calls “the original Game of Thrones”? Sounds pretty epic, right? The Iron King by Maurice Druon is the first book in The Accursed King series and it is chock full of all the scandals and knight fights that you can handle. The other really neat thing about this series is that it’s based around actual figures and events in history involving everyone from King Philippe the Fair to the legendary Knights Templar. Know your roots, Thrones fans!


Still not sure what to get? Here are a few more great gift ideas! The Douche Journals: The Definitive Account of One Man’s Genius is written by Schmidt from the hit TV show “New Girl.” No, I don’t mean the actor that plays Schmidt, I mean this book is written as if it’s the character’s recollection of early life with the gang. How To Archer is a similar idea but written by cartoon master spy, Sterling Archer and claims to be “the ultimate guide to espionage and style and women and also cocktails ever written”. Lastly, The Beatles: BCC Archives is a meticulously curated collection of all surviving transcripts of The Beatles appearances on BBC radio and television from 1962-1970, complete with rare photos and memorabilia. This book is a must have for fans of the Fab Four!

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Happy holidays!

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