The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge

The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge

The Daniel Plan is a holistic lifestyle plan that emphasizes five key factors to achieving better health: food, focus, fitness, faith and friends. It claims the “secret sauce” for success and sustainability of a healthy life is friends – a community that can join you and support you on the journey to better health.

After a busy fall in publishing, some of here are HarperCollins Canada feel that The Daniel Plan is just the motivation we need to kick-start our systems! So we’re trying the initial phase of The Daniel Plan: The Daniel Plan Detox. Following the Plan’s advice, five of us have signed up to boost morale and keep each other accountable on what we have named The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge.

We will follow the detox guidelines which require us to cut out all forms of gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee and alcohol for 10 days to determine if we have any hidden food sensitivities and kick-start our healing journey to better long-term health. Do you think we can do it?

Join us for the journey @DailyVineCA, #DanielPlan on Twitter and DailyVine on Facebook.

The Team:

Cory Beatty (@corybeatty)
Age: 34
Favourite food: Steak
Toxicity screening : mild
What I hope to learn from the Daniel Plan: How much better I’ll feel afterward.
I think the hardest part of The Daniel Plan detox will be: Giving up coffee.

Kaiti Vincent (@ktvncnt)
Favourite food: Movie Theatre Popcorn
Toxicity screening: Mild
What I hope to learn from the Daniel Plan: Since moving out of my family’s home, I’ve stuck to the same assortment of lunch and dinner foods (much to my boyfriend’s dismay). I hope to incorporate new foods and recipes into my diet, and prioritize time to cook healthy meals.  
I think the hardest part of The Daniel Plan detox will be: I think sticking to The Daniel Plan will be most difficult during evenings and weekends. Out with friends or family and indulging in a drink or less-than-healthy entrée is a guilty pleasure of mine; I mean, who doesn’t love Jack Astor’s chicken fingers. (And there’s one in our office building!) I believe sticking to the plan when out, especially at locations with less accommodating menus, will prove the most difficult.

Kate Earnshaw (@kate_earnshaw)
Age: 25
Favourite Food: Spaghetti and meat sauce (or any sauce!)
Toxicity screening: mild
What I hope to learn from The Daniel Plan: How to treat my body better.
The hardest part about The Daniel Plan detox will be: Cutting out caffeine… and wine.

Spencer Butt (@spncrbtt)
Favourite food: Meatloaf
Toxicity screening : Moderate
What I hope to learn from the Daniel Plan: I hope to learn not only about what the effects a healthier diet will have on my immediate well-being but also to learn just how good my own self-control and will-power is when it comes to eating.
I think the hardest part of The Daniel Plan detox will be: Not eating sugar.

Laura Wallar (@lkwallar)
Age: 24
Favourite Food: ice cream
Toxicity Screening: mild
What I hope to learn through the Daniel Plan: what food makes my body feel its best.
The hardest part about The Daniel Plan Detox will be: resisting office treats!

Our Updates:

Day #1: Food

I have always considered grocery shopping my form of retail therapy (I love food!). For this reason I was excited to try out the recommended grocery list from The Daniel Plan Detox. It was fun browsing through sections of the grocery store I don’t normally spend much time in, searching for ingredients I had never heard of like tempeh and jicama (…I never found them)… Read more.

Day #2: Thinking Ahead

The first day of The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge had me thinking that this detox was going to be a walk in the park. I ate some quinoa and vegetables and I even had a little chicken. Then I woke up the next morning and went to make some toast. Upon remembering my commitment to the detox (no gluten!), I realized that my only option for breakfast that morning was leftover broccoli. Not ideal… Read more.

Day #3: Weekends

Throughout the week, I find adapting to the The Daniel Plan fairly easy, since my weekdays are structured and I was already packing lunches and snacks. But on the weekend, my days are not scheduled and some of the activities I frequently do–going out with friends, seeing a movie, a big family dinner–aren’t as accommodating to The Daniel Plan. To be prepared for whatever the weekend brings, I’ve laid out some helpful ground rules… Read more.

Day #4: Benefits

Before I started the Daniel Plan detox, I truly believed that I could eat only pasta for the rest of my life to be perfectly happy—permanently bloated, but perfectly happy. And what’s worse, sometimes I would get into bed at night and realize that all I’d consumed that day was coffee, tea, and maybe some alcohol (usually wine). So that was also a problem… Read more.

Day #5: Withdrawal

I knew going into the Daniel Plan challenge that there would be some difficulties. Giving up dairy would be tough but doable. Giving up coffee for ten days straight? Yikes! Read more.

Day #6: Focus on Faith

In his mid-fifties my dad decided to get healthy. He ate salmon salad when we ate lasagna and started his mornings doing exercises in our basement. He went from finishing off my dinner (what are dads for, right?) to feeling satisfied after his. His new mantra was “yes, I do want that cookie, but I am not going to have it.” It was a rapid transformation – he lost 80 pounds in under a year and became a much calmer and focused individual. Read more.

Day #7: Friends

Well, it has been one week of healthy eating and I must admit; I feel pretty good. I’ll admit I was a little annoyed with the detox at first because I’m used to just eating anything I want, whenever I want. I’ve realized that having a bunch of friends around the office doing the same detox really helps! Read more.

Day #8: Tea!

I expected to miss coffee or tea when I thought I  I thought I needed it–in the mornings, before a big meeting, at 5 o’clock before a night out–but it seems, actually, I miss it in the evenings or weekends. I’m sure my fellow bookworms aren’t surprised by this, since there really is no better combination than a really good book, a warm blanket and a cup of good tea… Read more.

Day #9: Tips for Success

I initially agreed to this detox because I wanted to support my colleagues and be a team player, but what I didn’t anticipate was how much perspective I’d gain on how I’d been treating my body. As I mentioned in my previous post, the start of this detox was a massive shock to my system… Read more.

Day #10: Obstacles

I said in my last post that I anticipated challenges when signing up for the Daniel Plan detox but not to the degree I imagine. I admit, I fell off the wagon. A sudden work trip came up and I was away from home for 24 hours. Poor planning, a set menu at a mandatory work dinner and I was done… Read more.

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