The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge – Thinking Ahead

The Daniel Plan Day #2: Thinking Ahead

The first day of The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge had me thinking that this detox was going to be a walk in the park. I ate some quinoa and vegetables and I even had a little chicken. Then I woke up the next morning and went to make some toast. Upon remembering my commitment to the detox (no gluten!), I realized that my only option for breakfast that morning was leftover broccoli. Not ideal.

As the day went on it dawned on me how unprepared I was to follow The Daniel Plan detox. I had thought that because I don’t consume a lot of dairy, the detox would be easy. However, it really just made me realize that instead of dairy, I eat sugary treats. The reality of what I had signed up for and the amount sugary food I normally eat began to sink in. Then it hit me. I have to actually watch what I eat!  To avoid any further disappointment at breakfast, I decided that I would take The Daniel Plan’s advice and make a point of preparing food in advance for the week ahead. I headed to the grocery store with a basic list of things to avoid and things I should eat more of jotted down in my phone. I was surprised at the amount of sugars to watch out for. Not being familiar with all of these names was tricky at first, but The Daniel Plan book made everything crystal clear.

Having some detox friendly snacks available really made a difference and quinoa has even become one of my favourite foods since starting it. I think, for someone not used to thinking ahead about what they are going to eat, the idea of undertaking such a thing can be overwhelming in its early stages.

What I learned about being prepared proved that it really was Just as simple as buying the right groceries. And hey, now I get to eat eggs for breakfast everyday (minus the toast!).

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