The Daniel Plan – Weekends

The Daniel Plan Day #3: Weekends

As I mentioned in our original staff profiles, one of my biggest concerns when starting The Daniel Plan challenge was social outings. Throughout the week, I found adapting to the The Daniel Plan fairly easy, since my weekdays are structured and I was already packing lunches and snacks. By preparing food for the day, and leaving work with enough time to cook something healthy and delicious for dinner, I was on the right track. But on the weekend, my days are not scheduled and how I spend my time–going out with friends, seeing a movie, a big family dinner–doesn’t make accommodating to The Daniel Plan easy. To be prepared for whatever the weekend brings, I’ve laid out some helpful ground rules.

Going Out With Friends

My friends are excellent hosts. When you arrive at their place, they immediately offer you a beverage (pop? wine? beer?). They have snacks laid out, including chips and guacamole, pretzels and peanut butter, or whatever interesting party recipe they’ve found on Pinterest this week. It’s always festive and delicious, but makes sticking to The Daniel Plan a challenge. However, it is an ideal time to practice self control! Ask for tea or water. Odds are, your friends also have vegetables and fruit so be comfortable asking for alternative snacks (but be sure to compliment their chocolate and whipped cream Santa strawberries anyways!) As for drinking? Skip it! Not drinking while out with friends has more benefits than just your health. You save A LOT of money (seriously) and by volunteering to be DD you make sure your friends get home safely.

Seeing a Movie

Yes, movie theatre popcorn is my favourite food. I will fully admit I have seen  movies I wasn’t overly thrilled about because I was coerced by friends and family with the promise of extra butter and diet coke. And though I’d like to think that popcorn is mandatory while watching a movie, it’s not. It’s really that simple . Instead, pack your own snacks, such as almonds, fruit or Daniel Plan approved popcorn (found in The Daniel Plan book), to bring. Again, this option will save you a significant amount of money (concessions at movie theaters are extremely expensive!) and you won’t have a post-movie stomach ache from all of the faux-butter and salt.

Family Dinners

In university, I was a vegetarian (albeit, not a very good one). I always said that though I supported my dietary restraints, but I wouldn’t want to put others out by restricting what they could and could not cook when I visited their homes. For this reason, I ate one-too-many beef burgers at friends’ cottages because I wan’t comfortable asking their parents or spouses to accommodate my menu. Now, years later, I’ve learned that people are happy to oblige someone’s detox or diet. At my father’s house, which I go to one Sunday every month for dinner, I was fully honest about The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge, and walked him through what we could and couldn’t eat. He took this as an excellent way to try new a menu and enjoyed experimenting with the recipes and ingredients listed in the appendix of The Daniel Plan book.

When you’re out this weekend, before you take a sip of that pint or order a large movie theatre popcorn, take a second and think about how an alternative can affect your health or wallet. And then get the popcorn anyways (I’ll be thinking of you while watching Philomena with my almonds and lemon water!).


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