The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge – Benefits

The Daniel Plan Day #4: Benefits

Before I started the Daniel Plan detox, I truly believed that I could eat only pasta for the rest of my life to be perfectly happy—permanently bloated, but perfectly happy. And what’s worse, sometimes I would get into bed at night and realize that all I’d consumed that day was coffee, tea, and maybe some alcohol (usually wine). So that was also a problem.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, then, when I say that I was really not happy about being on this detox for the first few days. I’ll admit: I really didn’t realize how heavily I relied on caffeine. Since beginning the detox, I’ve experienced terrible headaches and I’ve been cranky. I actually feel a little sheepish about my behavior—I might need to apologize to a few people . . .

However, I think I’ve come through those dark days and am starting to feel the benefits of the detox. I feel lighter and definitely less sluggish, which is pretty interesting, since I didn’t know I felt sluggish before all of this. Cutting out gluten—which was truly the most difficult part for me— has really changed the way I feel during the day. I’ve been eating omelets with lots of veggies for dinner, and I feel more energized and less sleepy as a result.

The end is in sight! And while I’ll admit that I’ll probably have a coffee right away, I will definitely be changing some of my previous eating habits. More vegetables, less gluten, less coffee, and much, much more water!

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