The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge – Focus on Faith

The Daniel Plan Day #6: Focus on Faith

My dad and I share a great appreciation for good food – especially dessert – and I have great memories of sharing delicious food with him. However, I also have memories as a young child of my dad being confined to a wheelchair for days at a time due to arthritis and gout flare-ups caused by stress and excess weight.

In his mid-fifties my dad decided to get healthy. He ate salmon salad when we ate lasagna and started his mornings doing exercises in our basement. He went from finishing off my dinner (what are dads for, right?) to feeling satisfied after his. His new mantra was “yes, I do want that cookie, but I am not going to have it.” It was a rapid transformation – he lost 80 pounds in under a year and became a much calmer and focused individual.

It wasn’t easy though, and he attributes most of his success to the time he spent each morning reading his Bible and asking God for the strength to champion the pain of his arthritic joints. He would tell me God was his personal trainer and eventually went from being hindered by arthritic knees and feet to running 10km, praying the whole way. His specific focus on faith and his resulting discipline and perseverance are examples of two of the five “Fs” of the Daniel Plan: focus and faith.

For me, focus has probably been the hardest part of The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge. When I struggle to focus on resisting the temptation of office sweets (there are lots around here!) I think of the faith of my dad and the incredible focus, discipline and peace it provided for him on his journey to better health.

While my dad has had some health set-backs, something The Daniel Plan addresses as a natural part of the journey, he still reads his Bible every day and maintains a very specific focus on faith and fitness in his life that keeps him calm and at peace.  I am also happy to say that I haven’t seen him in a wheelchair since he began his journey with food, focus, faith, fitness and friends 10 years ago.

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