The Daniel Plan Staff Challenge – Friends

The Daniel Plan Day #7: Friends

Well, it has been one week of healthy eating and I must admit; I feel pretty good. Do I have cravings for junk food now and then? Definitely. But as someone who tends to get a lot of heartburn due to a poor diet, the lack of acid indigestion from avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar was a worthy trade off. I’ll admit I was a little annoyed with the detox at first because I’m used to just eating anything I want, whenever I want. I’ve realized that having a bunch of friends around the office doing the same detox really helps! It’s good to have people to get tips on meals from and joke with about the hardships of a coffee free life. I’m new to the office, so this also gave me a chance to make a connection with people, which was rewarding in and of itself. Eating can be an incredibly social activity. I have been hesitant to go to most restaurants during the detox because I don’t want to be that annoying customer who asks for a list of every single ingredient in every single dish. Having a communal hummus in the staff fridge and planning our “end of detox” celebratory lunch (Daniel Plan approved of course!) together have been some of the highlights of this experience.  While I am sad to miss out on the cookies my girlfriend’s mom baked us, the fact that in three more days I can say that I treated my body to a vacation away from all of the bad stuff that I usually eat will feel pretty good. I am going to stick it out.  The Daniel Plan has given me some great principles to try and keep in mind for a healthier lifestyle.

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