Savvy Eater: Chicken Piccata from the Wheat Belly (30 Minutes or Less!) Cookbook

One of my New Year’s Resolutions, in addition to upping my game in the new and improved (and soon-to-be unveiled) 50 Book Pledge, is eating healthier. After participating in HCC Faith Books‘s Daniel Plan Challenge, I really understand the benefits of eliminating or substituting specific items from my diet, even just temporarily.

Since Wheat Belly was originally published, William Davis and the Wheat Belly team have emphasized that eliminating wheat—even so-called healthy whole grain wheat—from our diets can offer relief from a broad spectrum of health and digestive problems. The Weight Belly Cookbook made this diet easier with its collection of 200+ recipes—but now they’ve taken it one step further: with the Wheat Belly (30 Minutes or Less!) Cookbook.

Wheat Belly (30 Minutes or Less!) Cookbook features healthy, delicious, visually appealing meals and snacks that can be prepared and cooked in—you guessed it—less than 30 minutes! If your New Year’s Resolution is to eat healthy too,  get a head start with this healthy Chicken Piccata recipe from Wheat Belly (30 Minutes or Less!) Cookbook.

Cheers to a Happy (and Heathy!) 2014, Savvy Readers!

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