Which Celebrity Would You Write To?

Throughout The Good Luck of Right Now, Bartholomew bares his soul to actor Richard Gere, who ultimately ends up changing his life without even realizing it. It raises an interesting question, however: If you were given the chance to write to any celebrity, who would it be? We pondered this question and gave Bartholomew a few suggestions in case he feels inspired to write to another high profile celebrity.

Julia Roberts: When you’ve been writing to an actor on a regular basis, it’s good to catch yourself up on their filmography. Bartholomew has obviously already seen Richard Gere’s work, and has a few favourites of his own, so why not write to one of Richard’s friends: His two time co-star, Hollywood Royalty Julia Roberts? Julia would probably have some great Richard Gere stories to share with Bartholomew, and she might even give him some sound advice on how to woo the Girlbrarian. After all, Julia was part of one of the most iconic scenes in rom-com history (alongside Richard): Charmingly handing Julia’s character a jewelry box in Pretty Woman, and jokingly shutting it on her hand as she laughs heartily. Iconic.

Sandra Bullock: Seeing as Bartholomew recently embarked on a journey of his own to Canada, Bartholomew might like to write to Sandra, seeing as she knows a few things about travel herself—having just starred in the film Gravity which took place millions of light years away in space. Bartholomew would more than likely want to know what it’s like up in space—and despite not actually having been there, he’s sure Sandy probably did some research beforehand and knows what she’s talking about. Bartholomew already journeyed to Canada—why not outer space next?

Matthew McConaughey: Much like his spiritual guide Richard Gere, Matthew is no stranger to charming the ladies with his charisma, good looks, and stellar acting ability. Bartholomew wouldn’t want to annoy the busy Oscar winner, but he might want to ask Matthew how to charm his beloved Girlbrarian (it seems pretty effortless for Matthew, so why not Bartholomew?) Like so many of us, Bartholomew is probably a fan of True Detective, and might slip in a few questions he has about that finale as well.

Ellen DeGeneres: Ellen is known for making dreams come true for her fans, and writing to Ellen would give Bartholomew the perfect opportunity to ask Ellen for the ultimate favor: Helping him find his biological father. Who knows, maybe she’d even invite him to be on her show! Sure, being on T.V sounds scary, but Ellen makes her audiences feel at home.

Wes Anderson: Bartholomew’s journey over the course of The Good Luck of Right Now—from the loss of his mother, to meeting and courting the Girlbrarian, to befriending a rather eccentric group of individuals (including a unkempt priest and an angry brother) Bartholomew’s life is ripe for the big screen. Why not court a director through the lost art of writing letters? And who better to take on that transition to the big screen than Wes Anderson, known for his quirky art house films that are known for their bizarre situations and strange adventures–all packed with tons of heart. The quirkiness is baked right in.

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