Meet A.J. Betts!

Now available in Canada, Zac and Mia tracks the relationship of two ordinary teenagers in exceptional circumstances. They’re both in remission, but cancer has changed everything, and normal isn’t normal anymore. Told in alternating perspectives, it is a funny and tender novel about hope, love, and courage. We thought we’d ask A.J. a few questions to introduce her to Canadian readers!

City of Birth: Bundaberg, Australia

City of Residence: Perth, Australia

Favourite Book Of All Time: What? No! Impossible. Sorry.

Favourite Snack: Just one? Muffins.

Signature Dish: Stir-fry…followed by a muffin

Your Favourite Place To Read: Under a shady tree at the beach

Favourite Subject In School: English and Drama

Favourite Movie: I’m a sucker for The Princess Bride (inconceivable!)

Favourite Show To Binge Watch: The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones

Favourite Album From Your Childhood: I think it was something by Kylie Minogue…

Words To Live By: ‘It’s not that serious’

Song that makes you want to burst out into a solo dance party: Janelle Monae’s ‘Tightrope

If you could pull a Freaky Friday with anyone who would it be?: Derek Zoolander.

You can start reading Zac and Mia for free here! We’ve also posted our fave quotes from the book, and talked to A.J. about reading old diary entries on Frenzy. Be sure to check them out!

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