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Since Twitter is updating its interface, we’re using this as an excuse to update our Following lists and think you should too! Here are ten authors we recommend readers and aspiring writers follow on Twitter:

#1. Kelly Oxford (@KellyOxford)

If you’re not already following Kelly Oxford on Twitter, you should be. She was recently named “The Funniest Person on Twitter” by Vogue, but those of you who have read Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar probably aren’t surprised by that. Kelly recently moved from Alberta to California, and her Twitter feed features her daily adventures in Hollywood alongside her partner-in-crime, five-year-old daughter Bea, and her two exotic shorthaired cats, Gus and Gertie (pictured below alongside Dirty Daddy):

#2. Heather O’Neill (@lethal_heroine)

Heather O’Neill is simply amazing, as is her badass twitter handle. And though the author of 2006’s Lullabies for Little Criminals just joined Twitter, I think we can expect many 140-character masterpieces from her based off of both her novels (The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, on sale May 6th, is magnificent!) and her magazine articles (including, most recently, this piece in Chatelaine). If Twitter had 140-character literary awards, Heather O’Neill would be shortlisted every time.

#3. Matt Haig (@MattHaig1)

From his hilarious writing tips to his tweet-length short stories, there are multiple reasons why both aspiring authors and readers alike should be following Matt Haig on Twitter. My favourites of Matt’s tweets are when he casually reminds us that authors are people too, and, of course, when he shares his Advice For Humans from his novel The Humans:

#4. Rene Denfeld (@ReneDenfeld)

Rene Denfeld is the author of the lyrical and magical The Enchanted, a novel set in a dark stone prison. As I’ve said in a recent review, The Enchanted was one of the most memorable and moving reading experiences I’ve had for years, but that’s not all that makes this woman spectacular. Her job as a Death Row Investigator is extremely interesting, and despite her dark day job, she shares stories of hope and inspiration online.

#5. Lauren Oliver (@OliverBooks)

Lauren Oliver is Super Woman. In addition to publishing TWO BOOKS this year (her YA novel Panic was released in March and her upcoming adult novel Rooms will be on sale in the Fall), she supports fellow authors, blogs, records vlogs and answers readers’ questions in her Ask Lauren Oliver video series. The best way to keep up with Lauren? Her Twitter feed, where she links to each of her new updates (and shares pictures of her adorable black lab Rufus!):

#6. Soman Chainani (@SomanChainani)

If Lauren Oliver is Super Woman, we can appropriately call Soman Chainani Superman. After graduating from Harvard, Soman received his Masters of Film at Columbia University. Now he divides his time between screenwriting and directing an upcoming feature film, writing A World Without Princes (the second book in The School for Good and Evil series), and playing tennis. Though he leads a busy life, he effectively uses his Twitter to acknowledge readers, thank bookstores and share fan art. #Swoon.

#7. Kenneth Oppel (@kennethoppel)

Odds are, whether you’re 8, 18, or 58, you’ve read and enjoyed one of Ken Oppel’s stories. The Boundless, a sweeping middle-grade epic about an exceptionally long train that travels across Canada, is no exception. Appropriately, Ken too will be traveling across Canada to promote The Boundless, and following him on Twitter is the best way to learn when he will be in your hometown. And you can see him correct @HistoryInPics‘ tweets!

#BOOM, Mic Drop.

#8. Josh Malerman (@JoshMalerman)

Josh Malerman’s debut novel Bird Box is on sale next month, and though we’re staying very tight-lipped about this one (or, shall we say eyes-closed?), Josh is revealing small tidbits about his upcoming novel on his Twitter feed. It’s also worth mentioning that Josh is really funny, and a member of the band High Strung.

#9. Amanda (A.J.) Betts (@a_j_betts)

A little engagement goes along way on Twitter. In this case, it comes all the way from Australia, where author A.J. Betts is from. Despite the time difference, Amanda connects with readers worldwide, thanking them for their reviews or kind words about her new novel Zac & Mia (this week’s #50BookPledge Featured Read!).

#10. Kate Hilton (@katehilton)

Kate Hilton is your next Twitter best friend, because after reading The Hole in The Middle, or her many pieces from both Huffington Post Canada and her own personal blog, you’ll know right away–this girl gets you. This month, she’ll be chatting on Twitter with both Walmart Canada and Girls’ Night Out Wines. Book Clubs, be sure to follow her and join in!

Which authors do you follow on Twitter and why? Tell us @SavvyReader and we’ll add them to the list!

Happy tweeting!


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