“My Dad Was The Zodiac Killer”

When he was thirty-nine years old, Gary L. Stewart set out to find his biological father. Instead, he would find the Zodiac killer.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All tells the story of Stewart’s decade-long uncovering of the true identity of the Zodiac killer – one of the most vicious and elusive serial killers in history. For the first time, the true identity of this mass murderer is revealed: the killer being none other than Stewart’s biological father, whose face (unsettlingly) stares at you from the front cover.

 Unsurprisingly, given the explosive subject matter, I knew I had to read this book as soon as it was released. And now, having finished, I wasn’t disappointed by it in the slightest.

 With compelling evidence – solved cryptographs, handwriting analysis, and more – Stewart weaves an unbelievable (yet entirely credible) history of his father’s descent into mass murder. For more than 50 years, the mystery of the Zodiac and his killings has captivated the world’s attention, and this book perfectly captures the chilling-yet-fascinating aspect of his crimes as it finally reveals the truth of the perpetrator. The Most Dangerous Animal of All presents an unprecedented look at these crimes – which, until now, have remained unsolved for decades. It’s a book that will, at turns, send chills down your spine and send you racing through the pages. I kept trying to put it down to ensure a nightmare-free sleep, but ultimately couldn’t – it’s really that fascinating.

Also, despite being someone who tends to stick to strictly biographical titles and who hasn’t read much true crime, I still loved this book. Really, fans of true crime and biography alike will devour this tale of a son uncovering the true and terrifying identity of his father.

Stewart’s narrative is equal parts memoir and page-turning story – a book that will shock you with its horrifying truths and yet leave you hungry to know more. I highly recommend this book!


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  1. I love true crime! I don’t read it as often as I would like but I love it. I really liked learning about The Zodiac Killer in the past so this is cool. This book sounds super interesting and based on your review it’s definitely worth a read. Great review 🙂

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