We’re Jumping On the #BookADayUK Bandwagon!

If there is anything booklovers like to do almost as much as reading, it’s talk about what they’re reading. Trust us, we know. We could talk anyone’s ear off about our favourite books. But with June’s #bookadayUK twitter campaign by The Borough Press we only have a hundred forty characters to answer the daily question.

We talk about books on Twitter all day, but are jumping on the opportunity to join a larger, international conversation (The Borough Press is in the UK, but people are using the #bookadayUK hashtag worldwide!) Below are my answers from the past few days, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @SavvyReader for updates all month!

Day one was your favourite book from childhood (mine was Ronald Morgan Goes To Camp by Patricia Reilly Giff!).

Day two was best bargain (the best bargain I ever got was four books for a dollar at garage sale!)

Day three? Easy. One With the Blue Cover is going to be The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham!

Join the fun! Answer the daily question with the hashtag #bookadayUK. Don’t forget to follow along to see which books everyone is talking about!


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