Excerpt: John Green Recommends “My Drunk Kitchen”

9780062293039 (1)Hannah “Harto” Hart is the creator of My Drunk Kitchena cooking show and comedy series on YouTube. In the videos, Hannah attempts to cook or bake various dishes, or otherwise engaging in some food-related activity, all while, well, tipsy. To get a good idea of the entire series, I recommend watching the inaugural video “Butter Yo Sh*t“, which Hannah created as a joke for a friend, here. This “joke” now has over 3 million views.

Her new book My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking & Going With Your Gut is a fun collection of recipes, stories, photos, and drawings to inspire your own culinary adventures (regardless of your cooking abilities). We’ve certainly taken notice of its unique appeal, as have two of our favourite authors: Neil Gaiman and John Green.

Of My Drunk Kitchen, Neil Gaiman says:

 “I defy anyone to read this surprisingly useful book and not come away from it madly in love with Harto, hoping against hope that one day she will turn up, with alcohol and honesty and a heaped pile of humor, in your kitchen too.”—Neil Gaiman

Start reading My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking & Going With Your Gut on harpercollins.com here, and take a look at the fantastic foreword John Green contributed below. Click on the photo to enlarge and read.

Wishing you (safe) adventures with Hannah’s cookbook and your own tipsy cooking!


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