Have You Ever Disagreed With Your Book BFF?

Have you seen EpicRead‘s Book Nerd Problems short videos? We love the newest one about Disagreeing With Your Book BFF:

Luckily, I rarely disagree with my book life BFF Suman, aka @HCCFrenzy, about books (just Tim Horton’s new Oreo donut). Has your book club ever disagreed about a book? Tell us about it on Twitter @SavvyReader or in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Disagreed With Your Book BFF?

  1. Years ago, I belonged to a book club that read Fatherland by Robert Harris. When the member who chose the book stood up to give some background information, another member stood up and started yelling and saying how dare he make us read this trash and he was beyond insulted. Other people started shouting for various reasons and the disgusted member stormed out. The book club leader was noticeably absent and the whole meeting fell apart. I was completely shocked, left the meeting and never went back again!

      1. I have joined a few other clubs after that, but I always seem to read the book long before the meeting and have already talked my excitement out … if that makes any sense. 🙂 Blogging is so great because you can usually talk to someone about how much you love a book on the same day you finish it.

  2. When Lev Grossman’s book The Magicians was published I talked the school librarian I worked with into buying it. It was getting great reviews and I thought it would be good for some older students who had like the HP books. I took it home that summer to read on the holidays and she put a copy on her Kobo to read in Italy. Coming back to school in September I asked her how she liked it. She didn’t get to far into it before giving up (hated it). I made myself finish it but I too hated it. I felt bad about that for some reason (why do I think I have to love every book I read?) and tried to read the next book in the series. I gave that up 2 chapters into it. I see the third book now on sale and I still feel bad. I’ve read articles that Mr. Grossman has written and really enjoyed them but this book I can’t get my heart to like and for some reason still feel bad about it.

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