Celebrating 5,000+ 50 Book Pledgers!

On August 24th, 2014, we woke up to excellent news: the 2014 50 Book Pledge had passed 5,000 pledgers! This is a huge milestone for our little community of readers who, if you aren’t familiar, pledge to read anywhere from 12 to 200 books in the calendar year and share their updates, reviews and ratings on both 50bookpledge.ca and Twitter.

To celebrate 5,000 50 Book Pledgers, we’ve rounded up some fun stats about this year’s pledge! Scroll down for details.


And, of course, what’s a celebration without a giveaway? To thank 50 Book Pledge-ers for making 2014 an amazing year, we’re hosting our best contest yet! One lucky reader will receive the new 50 Book Pledge Featured Read each week for the rest of the year. Yes, you heard that correctly. 1 book each week until December 15th, and we can promise some pretty amazing titles…

Open to Canadians only, the contest runs until September 12th. Head over to 50bookpledge.ca/contest and log in to your pledge to enter.

Good luck, readers, and thanks for making the 2014 #50BookPledge the best yet!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating 5,000+ 50 Book Pledgers!

  1. Help!…my profile on Twitter is M I A! And links to Facebook with no book profile… can you find my 50 book pledge please? Over 50 books read to date. Kay Burke or aka Corkrosy on Twitter.. Thanks Kay

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  2. I can’t log into the 50 Book Pledge…When I try to log in with Facebook it says there is a problem authenticating me, when I try to log in with my email it says I have to log in with Facebook!

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