Top 10 Fall Fiction Must Reads

Summer is winding down (though I certainly haven’t started seeing any leaves just yet). And that means it’s time to put away the beach towels, try everything in pumpkin-flavour, and dive into some juicy new fall reads! I’ve rounded up the best of the upcoming season just for you.


1. Us by David Nicholls.

I loved the quirky and loveable romance of One Day, but David Nicholls’ newest book, Us, completely blew me away. Us is the endearingly honest and painfully optimistic story of the surprising and apathetic crumbling of a marriage. Perfectly funny, smart, and sad, Nicholls paints a story about a man realizing that the life he’s built is in danger of falling apart. Douglas Peterson’s endless hope is catching, and the beautiful scenery across Europe’s famous cultural landmarks will have you planning a trip. Read this beautiful book and remember to hug the ones you love. On sale October 28.

2. The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion.

It’s here, it’s here! Graeme Simsion’s much anticipated sequel to The Rosie Project has arrived! The Rosie Effect is the perfectly hilarious oddball pairing to its predecessor. With the wife project now complete, Don and Rosie are living happily together in New York City. And now, Rosie is pregnant! When Don throws in a refrigeration unit half the size of their apartment, a newly single couch surfing friend, and some highly unconventional (and possible illegal) research into the protocols of fatherhood, all these distractions put Rosie and the wife project at risk. The Rosie Project was a totally endearing rom-com favourite and this sequel will not disappoint! On sale September 30.

3. Rooms by Lauren Oliver.

Everyone loves the intrigue of a good ghost story: and you can image reading from this book around a campfire late at night with a flashlight under your chin. In Rooms, Lauren Oliver weaves an intricate ghost story that begins with the passing of wealthy Richard Walker. When his alienated family comes to his decaying country house piled full of dusty heirlooms to collect their inheritance, they unknowingly disturb the ghosts that sullenly haunt the floorboards and hissing radiators. When a new ghost appears and breaks down the walls between the living and the dead, the results are hauntingly unexpected. The burning family drama of the Walker family is while the haunting ghost story keeps you on your toes from page to page. On sale September 23.

4. Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell.

Perhaps you’re looking for some guaranteed suspense and irresistible page turning for your weekend escape? Look no further than Patricia Cornwell’s newest addition to the Detective Kay Scarpetta series! Scarpetta is chasing down a deadly sniper set out a cross-country killing spree. The killer’s victims seem entirely disconnected and the shots are impossible accurate. But this mystery hits close to home when Scarpetta uncovers shipwrecked evidence (Seriously, shipwrecked! This book is so much fun) that implicates her own flesh and blood computer-whiz niece! This is the 22nd installment in the series. On sale November 11.

5. The Ploughmen by Kim Zupan.

Hardened criminal Jim Gload has finally been apprehended at age seventy-one in connection with a string of violent murders after a lifetime of incredibly brazen brutality. Valentine Millimake is the unlucky man stuck on the overnight shift at the Copper County Sherriff’s office and charged with drawing a confession out of the wizened old prisoner. Millimake unexpectedly finds himself bonding with the old man, and in a moment of shocking violence, the two men find themselves forever intertwined. The Ploughmen is a deep and dark contemporary western and Kim Zupan’s flair for irreverent storytelling will leaves your ears ringing until the last page. On sale September 30.

6. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

This book revolves around the impossible glittering of fame and the ephemeral nature of culture in a society that is so obsessed with the constant search for the new and the shiny. A famous Hollywood actor collapses on stage in the middle of King Lear, and it is at this point that the linearity of the story melts away. We travel back and forth in time to see the lives of five characters that are all connected to our dead actor: his estranged first wife, the man who tried to save him. I was floored by the poetry and lyricism of Emily St. John Mandel’s beautiful novel. On sale September 9.

7. Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer.

The final instalment of Jeff VanderMeer’s acclaimed Southern Reach trilogy delves deep into Area X in the middle of a dark winter. The team is forced deeper into the unknown on the search for a member who’d been left behind. For the first time, the danger to the outside world cannot be ignored and the terrifying significance of Area X is revealed. Plus, the beautiful feathered cover is an irresistible addition to the collection! Available now!

8. The Back of the Turtle by Thomas King.

Thomas King is one of Canada’s true literary heroes, and his first book in fifteen years is now available! To be honest, I had never read King before, and, after reading this novel, I am now convinced that I need to go back and read everything he’s ever written. The underlying mythology to The Back of the Turtle almost reads a little bit post-apocalyptic sci-fi, and the characters are beautifully rendered. Gabriel has returned to a reserve that was destroyed by environmental pesticides that he was indirectly responsible for. The lines between myth and reality blur when he encounters beautiful dark-eyed people rising out of the waves. Remember to always wash your fruit and get lost in this wonderful new addition to CanLit. Available now!

9. The Monogram Murders: An Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot Novel by Sophie Hannah.

Agatha Christie’s legacy lives on! Detective Hercule Poirot is back in The Monogram Murders. In a chic 1920s London hotel, a mysterious killer is on the loose, leaving glinting gold cufflinks in the mouths of his victims. Poirot must solve the intricate puzzle the killer has left behind in order to stop him in time. Sophie Hannah does Agatha Christie justice with this new novel. So enjoy your stay in London, Savvy Readers! On sale September 9.

10. How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran.

Fourteen year-old Johanna Morrigan’s life thus far has been seriously disappointing. After a mortifying moment on local TV, she decides that now is the time to reinvent herself. So she uses all of the paperbacks, pop-songs, and angsty poetry she knows to turn herself into Dolly Wilde, a fast-talking, hard-drinking Gothic hero. Two years later, Dolly has established herself as a chain-smoking loose lady fit for any of her favourite bohemian plot lines. But is cultural ephemera enough to build a girl? Caitlin Moran’s story is a gritty, snarky, and perfectly funny coming of age tale just dripping with sarcasm and pop culture references. On sale September 23.

Happy reading, Savvy Readers!

– Susannah

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Fall Fiction Must Reads

  1. Thanks for the pithy reviews. I loved ‘One Day’ despite not liking rom coms generally so ‘Us’ is going to go on my list. I loved Caitlin Moran’s ‘How to be a Woman’ so I must try her fiction too.

  2. I was surprised to read about The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah. How did she ever pull that off? I mean, using Hercule Poirot and the Agatha Christie name? Are they not copyrighted?
    A great selection of fall books. 🙂

  3. such great titles! I need to get my hands on The Rosie Project ASAP! and US sounds amazing <3 i'm not that into paranormal but Lauren Oliver is a queen so I will check out her book!

  4. Interested to read how To Build A Girl. Always fun to revisit the younger years when we try to fit in and come up with ways to grow up and yet do silly things.

  5. I can’t wait for Rooms. Cool cover. I love Oliver’s storytelling. Thanks for a great round up of titles!

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