Bookmarks: September 13

As a Savvy Reader, do you sometimes feel as if reading books does not offer enough book-related goodness? Do you feel like there is not enough books in your day? Do you have an insatiable love of all things literary?

If so, Bookmarks is the post for you! Here, we round up articles, photos and links from the web to appease your bookish soul. If you’re simply too busy, “bookmark” each link and save them for later!

1. Launch of Harper Avenue Imprint!


HarperCollinsCanada is launching their brand new imprint with two exciting titles on sale this week: Andrea Martin’s Lady Parts and Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel! The Harper Avenue imprint is particularly exciting for readers because it was created to highlight books that are expected to become their new favourites! Included with the aforementioned amazing titles are books by David Nicholls, Amy Poehler (girlish squeal!), Caitlin Moran, Graeme Simsion and Jacqueline Baker. Wow!

2. 2014 Man Booker Shortlist Announced


The Man Booker Prize promotes and rewards the finest in fiction and has the power to transform the life of the winning author. This week, the committee announced which books from 2014’s amazing longlist have moved on to the shortlist for the prestigious award. Check out this link to see which authors are on the shortlist and make sure to buy yourselves some (or all) of these fantastic books. We book people must support our own, after all.

3. Century- long Library Time Capsule

Okay, I don’t want to over-hype this next bookmark, but this is probably one of the coolest things to happen ever– the creation of the century long time capsule project!

In a nutshell, Margaret Atwood will be the first author to write a book that will be put in a capsule-like library (located in Oslo Deichmanske Public Library in Norway) and won’t be read until 100 years from now! That’s not the coolest part: a special forest is being planted near the library, solely to supply paper for this special project! One book will be supplied every year and no one will know what any of them are about until precisely 100 years from now. Now there’s a reason to have children!

Watch the video above, or check out the full article on here.

4. 20 Most Popular Books According to Facebook

Based on hard data collected from Facebook news feeds that featured people listing “10 books that have stayed with them in some way”, Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 20 of the Most Beloved Books. I had forgotten about how much I enjoyed some of these books—particularly Anne of Green Gables! That red-haired trouble maker was one of my very first favourite characters!

Get your nostalgia on and check out the Buzzfeed goodness here.

Have a great weekend, readers!

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