Shannon and Kate Review The Miniaturist

Kate and I can’t stop talking about Jessie Burton‘s The Miniaturist (this season’s Girl’s Night In Book Club pick!). Since we both wanted so badly to post a review of it we figured we’d post one together – two reviews for the price of one! Here’s a little convo Kate and I had about this fantastic novel:

9781443428460Shan: Kate, what was the first thing that drew you to The Miniaturist?

Kate: If I’m being completely honest, I was initially drawn to The Miniaturist because of its beautiful cover. If the book read anything like the cover looked, I knew I was in for a treat.  But what hooked me was the first chapter.  It read like an elegant and satisfying conclusion to rich mystery.  I was immediately captivated. Can you believe this is Jesse Burton’s first novel?

Shan: EEP, NO. I can’t believe it at all. Jessie Burton is one talented lady. I read somewhere that she wrote this novel while dividing her time as an actress and exec assistant. Not only did she write the novel, but she also did a ton of research on it to make sure the setting and characters and details were just right for the time period. And boy did she ever do a good job. The characters in The Miniaturist are so complex and alluring and rich that they come right out of the pages into your life, and the setting – the city of Amsterdam – is like a character in itself. I don’t know how she’s done all this with her first novel, but I can’t wait to see what she does next. Who would you recommend The Miniaturist to?

Kate: That’s a tricky question because I would recommend The Miniaturist to all kinds of readers.  Generally speaking I would recommend it to anyone who simply loves an exquisite story with beautiful imagery.  But I think you were right, Shannon, when you said that seventeenth century Amsterdam feels like a main character of The Miniaturist, so in that respect  I would recommend this novel to anyone who is a historical fiction romantic. But not only  is Amsterdam a lead character, it also acts as a fantastical setting that breathes life into the very mysteries happening within the city’s borders.  So I think I would also recommend The Miniaturist to fans of magical realism.

It’s actually just such a beautiful novel, full of magic, mystery, love, obsession and betrayal that I would recommend it (and have already recommended it) to everyone I know! What did you love most about The Miniaturist?

Shan: Oooh, good question. I think I loved all the twists and turns the best. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has a secret in this book, and there are so many reveals that I really did not see coming. You think you know the characters, and then another door is thrown open… It’s a book that really kept me guessing, right up until the last page.

As you can tell, we loved this novel, and we hope you love it too!

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Happy Reading, Savvy Readers!


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