Love, Laughs, Fame and Franck: Shannon’s Review of I Must Say by Martin Short

When I was a little girl I absolutely loved Father of the Bride. (This fact hasn’t changed. And now that it’s on Netflix… Well, it’s become more of an addiction.) Anyways, while other girls were thinking of their dream dresses or beach themes, I was imagining the whole thing through the eyes of my quirky and fabulous wedding planner, Franck.

For those of you who haven’t seen FotB, shame on you, the delightful and scene-stealing Franck is played by Martin Short.


Martin Short is a Canadian comedy legend, starring in SCTV, on Second City in Toronto, on Saturday Night Live, and in hilarious movies like Captain Ron and Three Amigos. He also still does live shows, has won a Tony award for his work on Broadway, and recently was on the third season of the hit show, Damages. And, I’m sure you’ll all recognize his legendary comedy characters like Ed Grimley (I must say….) and Jiminy Glick.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg on Martin Short’s career, but, it’s time to get to the reason why I’m writing this post!

I Must Say. The latest book to keep me up to all hours of the night, laughing, crying, keeping YouTube open so I can watch clips of Martin’s characters, right after I read about them. (I ended up in a Jiminy Glick loop that made me laugh so hard that my neighbours must think I’m crazy.) I Must Say is Martin’s memoir of his life so far. I encourage you to read the first couple pages because it’s so charming, smartly written, and hilarious that you’ll be hooked.

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In I Must Say, Martin tells his story with such warmth and charisma that you feel like he’s right there talking to you. He begins with his upbringing in Hamilton, Ontario, and life with his quick-witted and ‘master of the subtle put-down’ father, his upbeat and positive mother, and his 4 older Short siblings. (Martin has clearly inherited his father’s subtlety – his hidden wit and slipped-in one liners will have you chuckling throughout the whole book.) Then, Martin talks about losing both his parents and older brother before the age of 20, a tragedy that he is able to talk about with such wisdom that I felt like he was comforting me. It’s a powerful section, and it really makes you realize how important and how comforting humour can be, and how it connects us to the people we love too.

Martin also then talks about his start in comedy, and all the fantastic friendships he formed. I swear, every single comedy star is a friend of Martin’s and they all shine in this story. He has nothing but wonderful things to say about his bond with stars like Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn, Andrea Martin, Gilda Radner, and the list goes on, and on and on. In fact, he talks about these epic Christmas parties that he throws every year and now it’s my life goal to get invited to one. (Note: I know this won’t happen, but a girl can dream!) Seriously, read the chapter about his Christmas parties and then tweet at me, because you’ll know what I mean.


But, the most powerful thing about I Must Say is how Martin talks about his relationship with his wife, Nancy. Through the pages of I Must Say, I fell totally in love with Nan. The way he writes about her, it’s really a love story about two soul mates, and it will warm your heart. Hopeless romantics, you’re gonna melt.


Anyways, as you can tell I absolutely loved I Must Say. I learned so much about the comedy world, about Hollywood, and about love.

Now, this week I actually get to meet Mr. Short. I’m going to try and keep it together, and be totally professional, but let’s be honest, in my heart of hearts I’m hoping we become best friends and that he one day does plan my wedding, Franck styles. (Just kidding, just kidding.)

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