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The snow is falling, it’s -19 with the windchill, and the malls are packed with holiday shoppers! But do not fear Savvy Readers, every Tuesday and Thursday we will be posting holiday gift guides to make your holiday shopping a breeze. We have books for just about everyone on your shopping list, from pop-culture junkies to foodies, millennials and more… because we believe there is always a book for that!

Today, we are revealing our favourite Books for Fiction Readers and a few perfectly bookish gifts from Indigo. Whether you’re looking for Mom, Dad, your best friend (or even treating yourself) we highly recommend these fab fiction titles!

For those who read love stories:

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion
After following absolutely in love with The Rosie Project, we were so excited to welcome back Don and Rosie in Graeme Simsion’s much anticipated sequel, The Rosie Effect.  In this novel, the couple is facing a new adventure – Rosie is Pregnant! – making this the perfect gift for fans of The Rosie Project or anyone in need of a feel-good romantic comedy.

Us by David Nicholls
This is novel about love, but it’s not a love story. Us by David Nicholls, author of One Day, offers an honest portrayal of love, the end of love, and what happens when relationships fall apart. After three decades together, Connie tells Douglas she wants a divorce. Now, Douglas must try to save his marriage and reconnect with his family while on a month-long tour around Europe. Us is an ideal gift for anyone going through similar life changes or for friends with a case of wanderlust. Read an excerpt here!

Christmas in the Snow by Karen Swan 
From the bestselling author of Christmas at Tiffany’s and Christmas at Claridge’s, Karen Swan is back with Christmas in the Snow. Set in the Swiss Alps, this novel has all the elements of a feel-good, light read just in time for the Christmas season. Christmas in the Snow is the perfect book for all the women on your list, especially your friend who spends everyone Sunday watching Lifetime movies.

Simsion_rosie-effect Nicholls_us karen-swan-untitled-book-6-978144725106401

For those who read dystopian: 

The Back of the Turtle by Thomas King
I absolutely recommend Thomas King’s first literary novel in nearly 15 years! The Back of the Turtle follows Gabriel as he returns to Smoke River – his family’s reserve that has been destroyed by an environmental disaster. Here, he plans to kill himself by drowning in the sea. Instead, Gabriel meets Mara and other black figures rising from the water that alter his plans of suicide. King is a master story-teller and was just awarded The Governor General’s Literary Awards for Fiction. This is perfect for fans of Can Lit or readers interested in aboriginal rights and environmental politics. Read Cory’s review here.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
Station Eleven is my absolute favourite Fiction title of 2014. Admittedly, I take every opportunity to rave about this novel! After a famous actor dies on-stage during a production of King Lear, civilization follows a similar fate with the onset of a highly-contagious and deadly influenza: the Georgia Flu. Years later, the survivors roam a dangerous wasteland in post-apocalyptic ruins. Moving back and forth through time, Mandel follows characters all connected to the actor and a sci-fi comic entitled, “Station Eleven.” This novel is eerie, gritty, and beautifully written. Caution: Be wary of giving to your hypochondriac friend who is sure he or she has Ebola.

King Mandel_station-eleven

For those who love quirky characters:

The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick
From the author of The Silver Linings Playbooks, The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick features a similar collection of eccentric characters on a quest to help Bartholomew Neil cope with his mother’s death. Following a series of intimate letters to Richard Gere and a road trip to Canada, Bartholomew finds himself and a family of his own. This novel is a perfect gift for your slightly eccentric, but perfectly endearing, hipster brother who loves indie films like Little Miss Sunshine

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg
This is a hilarious and quirky novel about a rebellious gang of elderly residents dissatisfied with the cost-cutting changes made at the Diamond Retirement Home. Deciding they would be better off in prison, Martha decides to break all the rules to free the League of Pensioners from retirement hell. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules is filled with criminal antics and is perfect for all readers, young and old, wanting to get down with their bad self!

The Good Luck of Right Now 9781443428286

For those who read mysteries:

Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell
This is the 22nd(!) novel in the Scarpetta series, and now Dr. Kay Scarpetta finds herself in the pursuit of a serial sniper with incredible precision. Through her investigation, Scarpetta settles upon some unsettling evidence that could incriminate her niece – Scarpetta’s own Flesh and Blood!” This is a great gift for fans of Patricia Cornwell…or your slightly suspicious cousin.

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah (and Agatha Christie!) 
Bestselling author Sophie Hannah brings Agatha Christie’s most iconic detective, Hercule Poirot, back to life in The Monogram Murders. In this compelling mystery set in 1920s London, Hannah honours the legacy of Agatha Christie by introducing contemporary readers to Agatha’s classic mystery series. This book will appeal to fans of Agatha Christie, mystery lovers, or your friend with an affinity for thrift-shopping and all things vintage.

Cornwell_flesh-and-blood monogram

For those who read historical fiction:

Desert God by Wilbur Smith 
In Desert God, bestselling author Wilbur Smith, returns to Ancient Egypt in this action-packed epic about loyalty and betrayal. Transporting readers back in time, this novel follows Taita – slave and advisor to the Pharaoh – on his quest to destroy the Hyksos army and form an alliance with Crete. This novel is perfect for history buffs or anyone with a bad case of Game of Thrones withdrawal.

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton
Set in the 17th Century, eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman arrives in Amsterdam to marry the illustrious merchant trader Johannes Brandt. Upon receiving a cabinet sized replica of their home as a wedding gift, Nella engages the services of a miniaturist whose tiny creations mirror their real-life counterparts in eerie and unexpected ways… Is the miniaturist the key to their salvation, or the architect of their destruction? Jessie Burton is a debut novelist and The Miniaturist is absolutely magical! I highly recommend treating yourself to this one. Read our review here.

Frog Music by Emma Donoghue
From the bestselling author of Room, Emma Donoghue takes readers to 1876 San Francisco – the “Paris of the West” – as they follow Blanche Beunon, a French burlesque dancer, attempting to solve the murder of a cross-dresser Jenny Bonnet. Based on real-life crime that was never solved, Frog Music is beautifully written, well researched, and features a strong female protagonist. Donoghue revealed some of her inspirations here, and I guarantee this will appeal to readers of gritty historical fiction like The Sisters Brothers and True Grit. Read Jason’s review here!

desert god 9781443428460 9781443429115

Still need some ideas? Check out our Top 10 Fiction Books from 2014 (WinterSummer and Fall), or stay tuned for more Savvy Gift Guides every Tuesday and Thursday!

Until then, I absolutely adore these bookish gifts that pair perfectly with any book. Available at Indigo!

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