HCC March Madness: Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about HCC March Madness? Hopefully we can answer it below. If you have further questions, email us at hccontests@harpercollins.com.


1. How do I vote in HCC March Madness?
Click ‘Voting’ in the hccmarchmadness.ca menu. You will then be able to cast your votes for the round. Make sure you cast a vote in each match-up. Once you’re happy with your selections, click ‘submit’.

2. How often can I vote?
You can vote once a hour, per IP address.

3. How can I help my favourite books?
There are many ways you can help your favourite books move forward to the next round. The first, is obviously by casting your own votes as often as you can. You can double your votes by sharing about HCC March Madness on social media. (Once you have cast your votes, click Submit at the bottom, then follow the prompts to double-up.) You can also share your votes and information about HCC March Madness on social media. Be sure to tag the authors, and use the hashtag #HCCMarchMadness.

The Contest

1. Does someone REALLY win all 64 books?
YUP! The whole entire HCC March Madness library! Pretty sweet, right?

2. Who can enter the contest?
Unfortunately, the contest is only open to Canadians, excluding the province of Quebec, due to provincial regulations. Find out more in the contest rules and regulations.

3. How do I enter the contest?
Once you’ve cast all your votes, there will a prompt for you to fill out your email address. This is your contest entry.

4. How often can I enter the contest?
You can enter the contest once a day, per IP address.

5. Is there only one prize pack?
Yes, there is only one grand 64-book prize, BUT there are other ways you can win. We’ll be doing weekly giveaways in partnership with Kobo books throughout the tournament on Instagram, so make sure you have connected with us!

General Info

1. What is HCC March Madness?

HCC March Madness is an annual event (now in it’s 11th year!) that includes 64 beloved books – one of which readers will crown as this year’s champion. Starting on March 3rd, readers will vote in each match-up to determine which book advances to the next round. There are 6 rounds in total, and at the end one book will be announced the Champion and the one book we should all read this year. The best part? It’s all determined by YOUR votes!

Visit hccmarchmadness.ca for more details.

2. How long does the tournament last?
Here’s the timeline for HCC March Madness:

March 1st – March 7th: Round 1
See the 64 books in the 2021 HCC March Madness tournament and cast your votes in the first round.

March 8th – March 14th: Round 2
32 books move forward, so be sure to support your favourites!

March 15th – March 21st: Round 3
HCC March Madness is down to the Sweet 16. Don’t miss your chance to vote!

March 22nd – March 26th: Round 4
Only the Elite 8 remain. If you haven’t read the books, be sure to download them while they’re still on sale!

March 27th – March 29th: Round 5
The Final 4 are left, but only 1 can be crowned champion…

March 30th – April 1st: The Final Round
2 books will remain, and your votes will determine the winner of HCC March Madness 2021!

On April 2nd, we will announce the winning book.

2. What if I haven’t read all the books?

That’s okay! Just go with your gut, or check out the hashtag (#HCCMarchMadness) to see which books your friends are voting for. You can also ask @HarperCollinsCA to recommend a book for you, or click on each book cover to find out more information about it and order it from your favourite retailer!

3. What if I can’t decide between two favourites in one match-up?
Hey, we get that. There are so many great books in this tournament and there are going to be some tough match-ups. But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun and it’s all just to simply celebrate reading, books and authors in general. (And you can always flip a coin!)

At the end of the day, HCC March Madness is a tournament, but it’s also a way of finding new great books to read, or rediscover your old favourites. It’s all in good fun and we hope you have fun playing along with us!

Now, head on back to hccmarchmadness.ca to cast your votes!

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  1. Please explain: does the winner have to travel to HCC offices in Toronto to claim the prize?

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