Meet Our New Savvy Reader Contributor: Sara Canning!

We’re so excited to introduce a new contributor to the Savvy Reader: actress, Sara Canning! You may recognize Sara from TV shows like Global TV’s Remedy and The Vampire Diaries. But, did you know that Sara is also an avid reader? Over the next couple months Sara is going to share her love of reading, and posts about her favourite books here on the Savvy Reader. So, take it away Sara!



I’ve a sneaking suspicion that you’re a book lover. I feel a thrill at the prospect of your reading these words. A very nervous thrill, as you’ve seen a number of words in your time, but a thrill all the same. I love to read, and I love to read about reading. I love asking people what they’ve read recently. It’s wild, seeing the person in front of me transcend this reality, telling about the written words that are currently moving, shaking, propelling them.

I’m an actor who largely credits my dream job with this first great love of mine. Before I even knew how to read, I loved it. I’d repay my parents’ nightly diligence of reading to me with made up stories from books held upside down. From the time I learned to read, my imagination yelled from mountaintops for more. My curiosity burned, my brain stretched. My life as a storyteller was planted.

As a kid, I loved to read tales of adventure – anything by Roald Dahl was devoured, as was The Hobbit, and the Harry Potter series. With each genre I discovered, I began to look at the world in that light. I wanted to experience the lives of those in the pages. I began to seek out character studies, particularly historical stories. Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle and Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility are two portraits of fascinating women that I read again and again. These and so many other glimpses of women in different eras have proved invaluable to me as an actor.

I believe that reading is magic, really. It connects humankind throughout history. It cultivates knowledge, universal connection, and empathy. The written word provides a canvas on which experience and opinion are painted, dreams weaved and fears transformed. And readers are given the liberty of interpreting that canvas and carrying it, enlightened or provoked. I interpret a script and break down the story of a scene as I would absorb a novel.


So here I am, thrilled to share with you why books have such a far-reaching influence on my life, and I’d love to hear about the libraries of your lives. When I connect with someone about something we’ve read, I feel like we’re doing some sort of grammatical secret handshake. I’m a nerd. A nerd who loves all who’re forming book clubs, writing their own stories, seeking books as guides, feeding their curiosities and developing their own secret high fives with other readers.

I raise my teacup to all of you. May our written adventures broaden and cross many fascinating paths, pals.

~ Sara


Tune in next week for another post from Sara Canning. Follow Sara on twitter @saradjcanning, and catch her in Season 2 of Remedy on Global TV (@Global_TV, @RemedySeries), starting on March 23rd! (We can’t wait!)


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