If You Loved 50 Shades of Grey, We Think You’ll Love…

Sorry winter, February is HEATING UP! The 50 Shades of Grey movie is premiering this weekend (Hellooo Christian Grey!) and we can’t wait. If you’ve already finished the 50 Shades trilogy we have a few reading suggestions for you… (Something to read while you wait for the movie, perhaps!)


Introducing, the SR Hot List! 12 Hot Books to Read If You Loved 50 Shades:

1. Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks
When millionaire Caleb Devereaux’s sister is kidnapped by serial killer, he enlists the help of a medium named Ramie. But, how far will Ramie go to stop the killer? And will Caleb be able to protect the woman he’s fallen for?

Love Maya Banks? Well, that brings us to #2…

2. In His Keeping by Maya Banks
The steamy 2nd book in Maya’s Slow Burn trilogy. Beau Devereaux, head of Devereaux Security, must protect a new client, a mysterious woman named Ari. But, what began as a simple assignment quickly turns personal as Beau discovers he’ll do anything at all to protect Ari. No matter what it costs him…


(Book 3 in the Slow Burn trilogy is coming in April!)

3. Break in Two by MJ Summers
Claire Hatley is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty-two year old hostess. She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse. Common sense tells them to stay away from each other, but their attraction is not to be denied…
*Download Break in Two to your e-reader for 99 cents! Details at hccdeals.ca

4. Breaking Love by MJ Summers
Luc is a businessman that has everything he could ever want, and isn’t looking to settle down. Megan is a single mom, comfortable with her quiet life in Vermont. But, fate pulls them together for one night in Paris, and suddenly everything begins to change…


5. Better When He’s Bold by Jay Crownover
For those of you that just can’t resist a bad boy… Enter the Point, a dark and dangerous place where only the boldest survive. When Brysen Carter starts to receive threats in the Point, only one person can protect her, but it’s the one person she can’t have.
*Download Better When He’s Bad (the first book in Jay Crownover’s Welcome to the Point series) to your e-reader for 99 cents! Details at hccdeals.ca

6. All Lined Up by Cora Carmack
Love 50 Shades? Love Friday Night Lights? Well, we have a book for you. Dallas Cole is done with football, but when her dad becomes the new head coach at her university, she’s back to being the coach’s daughter… And she’s caught one of the player’s eyes. (Find more books in Cora’s Rusk University series here.)
*Download All Lined Up to your e-reader for 99 cents! Details at hccdeals.ca


7. The Billionaire’s Secret by Meadow Taylor
This is Jane Eyre for modern readers and it’s set in Canada. Chloe Winters moves from Boston to an isolated mansion on a cliff in Newfoundland to become a private tutor for a six-year-old girl, but she doesn’t realize the little girl’s widower father is billionaire Gaelan Byrne. Sparks fly, and Chloe and Gaelan edge toward one another, but Gaelan has secrets that could put their future in jeopardy…

8. The Gorgeous Girls by Marie Wilson
Three strong, beautiful women dish on their romantic and sexual exploits in Toronto, New York and Paris. Love reading on your ereader? This steamy novel is perfect for you!


9. Pleasure Control by Cathryn Fox
A dedicated scientist, Laura Manning has an I.Q. that’s off the charts. But, she finds it hard keeping her mind on her experiments  when her lab partner is the extremely attractive Jay Cutler, whom she’s working with to develop a libido suppressant.

10. Hotelles by Emma Mars
Paris, a hotel room, the middle of the afternoon . . . So begins the story of Annabelle, a young escort who has accepted her final proposition before marrying the powerful and generous man of her dreams, media mogul David Barlet. But what happens when her final client is David’s brother? (Don’t forget to check out the sequel too, coming this April!)


11. Spellbound by Sylvia Day
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day comes a story of the ultimate seduction… It’s a cat and mouse game where everything is an illusion, except for the passion. (Click here for more steamy reads from Sylvia Day.)

10. Girl Walks into a Bar by Helena S. Paige
Okay, this is a fun one. A Choose Your Own Adventure erotica novel! Will you cozy up to the hot bartender? Do body shots with a rock star? It’s your decision. (Click here for more Girl Walks Into… novels.)


There you go! One hot list of reads from The Savvy Reader that you can check out while you wait for the 50 Shades movie.

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~Shannon at The Savvy Reader

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