Top Five Reasons HCC Frenzy Loves 99 Days

99 days

In Katie Cotugno’s latest book, Molly Barlow is facing one long, hot summer—99 days—with the boy whose heart she broke and the boy she broke it for … his brother.

We’re obsessed with 99 Days. Obsessed. We’ve been waiting to read more from Katie since How to Love, and now we FINALLY can. Since it’s just been released (!!!), we’re sharing 5 reasons we love 99 Days…

1. The love triangle. When it came to the Donnelly family it was always a family affair for Molly Barlow. Julia Donnelly was her best friend, Patrick Donnelly was her first kiss, first boyfriend, first love, and Gabe Donnelly was her first…


2. Molly Barlow is the underdog you love to root for. She makes a lot of really bad decisions. Like, a lot, you guys. And just when she has you convinced she’s hit rock bottom and things can’t get much worse she turns around and makes the same mistakes all over again, but she bounces back and we love her for it.


3. The fact that Molly’s comfort food is licorice, and how often it brings our girl comfort when all the teenage drama has brought her down.


4. Gabe’s perfect smile, and how that alone makes you understand why Molly did what she did. (Seriously, you guys. Gabe.)


5. No one writes a love story like Katie Cotugno. She makes you feel like you’re living the heartbreak, the romance, the pain, and the wonderfulness that comes with your first love. It’s so much more than reading words on a page.


-Beth via HCC Frenzy

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99 Days is available on sale now! You can watch the book trailer here and enter to win a signed copy (plus a POLAROID CAMERA)* here!

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