Authors Helen Edwards and Jenny Lucas on Writing ‘My Secret Sister’

Today on the blog, My Secret Sister authors Helen Edwards and Jenny Lucas share with us why they decided to write their book and share their unique story with the world. Thank you for joining us on The Savvy Reader, Helen and Jenny!


Why did we decide to share our story? We cannot remember how many times we have been asked this question since our book was published! Let me explain why: when Jenny discovered that she was adopted at the age of 14, she was  driven to find her birth mother and extended family. She could never have dreamt what a journey that search would be!

As we delved deeper into our story we discovered an amazing myriad of lies surrounding the circumstances of our birth. Following years of exhaustive research, the truth was finally revealed. We were stunned (to say the least) when, at last, we found out we were twins.

We had lost 59 years of growing up together. As sisters, how could we possibly deal with that?



We decided to write our life stories to share with each other. This was much harder than it may sound; there were many tears, much laughter and a lot of heartache. But, when all was done, we were amazed at how our two lives had run parallel to each other. We had never really been apart.

As we shared our story with family and friends, without reservation everyone told us: “this is amazing, you just have to write a book!” After many long conversations, we realized that what had always been a problem for us was the secrecy surrounding our birth. To write a book would be the end to that secrecy and, in some way, a healing process for us both.

Indeed, writing was a cathartic experience. In sharing our story, we were exposing the ghosts of the past and creating a foundation for our future together as twins.

As two women now in our sixties, we could never have foreseen the whirlwind of publicity and the worldwide reaction that our story would bring upon publication.

Everyone knows of someone who has a skeleton in their family’s closet. The more we spoke to people–in radio and television interviews, book signings and other appearances–the more deeply we were moved by those who have felt the need to share their stories with us; those who were needing someone to talk to; people who empathized with us. One lady travelled all day on the bus to a book signing appearance, just to talk to us and ask for advice. Another young man was a musician on a search for his sister. He sent us a recording of a song he had written. Somehow in the telling of our story we had struck a chord with millions of people all over the world.

Most have said that reading about us has inspired them to continue searching for the truth.


As we have said so many times, “everyone has a story, and it’s not just us.”

Helen Edwards and Jenny Lucas

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