5 Reasons To Get Excited for Nimona by Noelle Stevenson!

Nimona is the graphic novelization of Noelle Stevenson‘s beloved and critically acclaimed web comic about an impulsive young shapeshifter with a knack for villainy. Here, Ashley shares 5 reasons why you, regardless of whether or not you typically read graphic novels, should pick up Nimona when it goes on sale May 12th.

1. Noelle Stevenson herself is more than enough of a reason to get excited. Stevenson has been taking the comic industry by storm with her quirky, unique drawing style. From Lumberjanes to the cover of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Stevenson is the next big thing to watch out for.

2. The abnormal plotline. Stevenson has given us a gloriously uncommon occurrence in Nimona: a supervillain crew that you grow to love. It is fairly unprecedented in young adult literature, both novels and graphics, to have anti-heroes—people who you are stereotypically unheroic but you love anyways.

3. A kick-butt female lead character (with all the sass!). The main character, Nimona, is a shapeshifting female with a bad habit of getting herself into villainous things. Although she is the lead, she has both unheroic and redeeming qualities you will grow to love. And that which doesn’t kill her only makes you love her more.

4. The humor. Stevenson is known for her dry, hilarious, humor, and Nimona is no different. This graphic is chalk full of hilarity and fun. And dragons. And Science! Who doesn’t love science when it is mixed with dragons!?

5. It is based on Stevenson’s web comic of the same name. This should appeal to all those Tumblr/ book nerds out there. This novel is living proof that the love you show for something online can make it real – literally. The support and love everyone has shown for Stevenson’s work online is why this graphic will exist – in your hands – not at the touch of a button. That’s pretty cool. You have power, you do, you do!


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All illustrations included in this post are by Noelle Stevenson. Visit her on Twitter and Tumblr, or http://gingerhaze.com/ for more.

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