#HCCFirstLook: What Did Readers Think of Where They Found Her?


Last month, we brought back a program called #HCCFirstLook.

What’s #HCCFirstLook? Well, it’s a special opportunity to give keen readers an early look at an upcoming book we’re all excited about.

We chose Kimberly McCreight’s Where They  Found Her as the first #HCCFirstLook pick of 2015 because so many of us loved her first novel, Reconstructing Amelia.

And, spoiler alert, we loved this one too.

Here’s what the lucky #HCCFirstLook readers thought of Where They Found Her:


“Like Reconstructing Amelia, Where They Found Her pieces together a story through the voices of multiple women, all of whom are flawed, struggling, and relatable. This is McCreight’s strength: providing characters with which we, as readers, can deeply relate. Each character’s wishes, fears, insecurities, and hopes are what drive this story and keep us yearning for more.

A page-turner filled with unexpected twists, creepy characters, and McCreight’s exceptional knack for online and social media commentary, Where They Found Her will keep you guessing until the very end. And as you find out more about Molly, Sandy, and the other strong women in this story, you’ll also probably find out more about yourself. You’ll also come away with a newfound appreciation for your mother.”
– Katrina.
Read her full review here.


“In Kimberly McCreight’s Where They Found Her, the discovery of a newborn’s body triggers a chain reaction of events for three women affected by the terrible tragedy in one way or another. There’s Molly, a reporter for the local paper who’s still damaged goods after the loss of her own baby; Sandy, a victim-of-circumstance teenager whose mother is missing; and Barbara, the privileged wife of the police chief whose perfect life may not be all it seems. As the mystery surrounding the identity of the newborn unravels, one thing is clear – a small town and its inhabitants will never be the same.

McCreight has a flare for storytelling, one that’s flourished since the release of her first novel, Reconstructing Amelia, in 2013. McCreight channels the likes of Gillian Flynn with this gripping, well-paced thriller that shows the deeper you tumble down the rabbit hole with Where They Found Her, the harder it is to pull yourself away.”
– Jess

We love Susan’s mug!


Where They Found Her has so many threads and they are all woven together so intricately. Everyone is connected. Everyone has secrets. So many people had tragedies in their lives which are revealed piece by piece. At first I struggled to remember all the characters and to keep their stories straight. It didn’t take long until their distinct personalities and very different stories started to connect and I knew that it would all come together at the end and blow me away! 

When I finished this book I felt like the breath had been knocked out of me. I couldn’t write this review for several days because I needed time to process and some distance from the tragedies involved. This book is brutal, emotional, complex and so incredibly important. It’s remarkably dark and perhaps a bit too mature for teens but I think that much like with Reconstructing Amelia the issues raised are so exceedingly relevant to parents and worth discussion.” – Susan 


“What I appreciate about McCreight is the time and thought she put into weaving multiple storylines together to create something so complicated that you need to know more about these women, their lives and how this baby connects to all of them. The story is well thought out, complex and mysterious with tidbits of information still being revealed up until the final pages of the book. I was pulled in from the first page, and it was impossible to put this book down until the truth was revealed.” – Marianne.


“We all make assumptions. We judge. We look around us and come to conclusions about people and events in our periphery. Living as though these assumptions are truths, we move from day to day. Kimberly McCreight’s new novel, Where They Found Her, will challenge those assumptions. The story told from the point of view of four women, but it is Molly Sanderson who filters the event that put the plot in motion. Molly is assigned to cover a story of a dead baby found abandoned along the river in the mostly upper-class university town where she is a rookie reporter and her husband a literature professor. Complicating the plot, Molly and her husband recently lost their own baby so she is uniquely interested in finding out what happened and who is responsible. Before the novel’s conclusion these four women’s stories will collide and all of them will find out that people, even those closest, are not who they seem. Assumptions cannot only be inaccurate, they can be heartbreaking.” – Karen

Love this photo from Maria!
Love this photo from Maria!


“This story is so intricate in the way that all of the stories connect, which I believe must have taken a lot of thought and careful planning. Each story weaves together perfectly and the novel ended with a feeling of closure as nothing felt unfinished or forgotten. The writing style was fantastic and as much as I dislike comparing psychological thrillers to the writing of Gillian Flynn, this book was right up there with Gone Girl, Dark Places and Sharp Objects as one of my favourite dark and thrilling reads. I do truly believe that fans of Gillian Flynn will love Where They Found Her.”  – Maria. Read her full review here.


“I’ve said it before, but I love thrillers, especially those that are a little psychological and play with your mind. If you’ve read Kimberly McCreight’s massively popular Reconstructing Amelia than you’re familiar with how fantastic McCreight’s writing is. She is able to weave a fascinatingly creepy story about a small, wealthy town and the secrets surrounding it. This book had me up beyond my bedtime.”
– Krissy. Read her full review here. 


“Where They Found Her is a tangled story of crime and love told from the perspective of 3 different woman.  Easy to read, the author makes you want to keep unraveling the threads that become even more twisted together as the story progresses.  McCreight has the ability to keep the reader wondering until the very last chapter, exactly who played what role in this tragedy.   Now, even after finishing, the author has given me pause to question as to who exactly is being referred to in the title, which must be a sign of a good read, when you keep thinking about it.   Looking forward to reading more by this author.” – Michelle


“What a roller coaster!  The suspense in the novel continued to build as the reader glimpsed into the lives of more and more characters. Most of the main characters are mothers and the reader is given intimate snapshots of their lives: joys, pains, and sorrows of motherhood. As a mother myself, the content of the novel really hit home with me. It was as if I was there with the women, waiting to pick up my child from school, listening to them talk of the current challenges in raising our children, sharing the pain of bullying, miscarriage, teenage drama.” – Cori  

Thank you to everyone who read Where They Found Her! Intrigued? It’s on sale now, and makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Stay tuned for more #HCCFirstLook opportunities (we’re announcing Book #3 next week!), and let us know if you have any suggestions!


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