Author Guest Post: 5 Tips for Aspiring Authors by Robyn Schneider

Robyn Schneider is the talented writer behind the endearing novel, The Beginning of Everything. Her newest book Extraordinary Means is available in stores today and she is celebrating by sharing some of her best writing tips with the aspiring authors out there!

5. Write a practice novel or two. Learn how to pace a book, learn what your personal themes are, how you write about them, and what your weaknesses are. Then write another book, which will be easier.


4. Read your favorite books critically. Ask yourself why you like them. Is it a character? The world? The banter? Then ask yourself structural questions. How long is the book? How long are the chapters? Is there a lot of dialogue, or a lot of action? Knowing what elements make up the stories you love will help guide you when you sit down to write your own.


3. Outline before you write. Even just scribbling down five or six major plot points will help you, so that you have a guidepost to write toward if you ever get stuck.


2. Read everything you can about the publishing industry, in a way that makes you more educated about it, as opposed to jealous or discouraged.


1. Remember that social media is a distraction, not a party.


Happy Writing!

~ Robyn

Extraordinary Means is available in stores today! Follow Robyn on Twitter at @robynschneider and find out more about her and her books here.

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