#HCCFirstLook: What did readers think of I Take You?

ITakeYouHere’s what our HCCFirstLook readers thought of I Take You by Eliza Kennedy:

I Take You was a great read. The blunt and racy writing made me root for a character with more depth and human qualities than most chick lit books I bring to the beach with me. I didn’t want to like Lily Wilder because she is so different from me, but I had no choice but to fall for her. I will definitely be on the lookout Eliza Kennedy’s next book!” – Sarah

I Take You – a funny debut by Eliza Kennedy was a fresh read. It was way different from my last two reads, and just what I needed after them. It was sultry, sexy, and down right dirty at times, but it was fun!
Filled with humor, Star Wars references and a whole lot of gender politics and surrounding issues, it’s a book that will have you laughing out loud and talking about with your girlfriends. A fun summer read.”
– Krystal. Read her full review here.

This novel had me at the first chapter!  I was chuckling, laughing & at a couple of places an un-lady like snort came out.  It was fun, it was explicit, it was sassy but still had a bit of class with it.  The gals in the novel knew how to party, with not much morning after illness.  Unbelievable!  I think you have to be quite liberal to really enjoy the actions in the novel.

The whole time I am reading through the chapters, marked Saturday to the following Saturday, I am wondering what Lily will do.  Will she or won’t she.  Is it just Sex or is it Love!  What fun she has & I wish I knew her & her friends! I had a good time reading this novel!  I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.” – Brenda

I Take You is fun to read, with likable characters, which is crazy because it’s about infidelity and it’s a great first story by this author. I’m looking forward to see what else this author has in store for us.
I recommend this to readers who enjoy adult fiction contemporary and YA contemporary readers. Keep in mind this book is about a woman that is unfaithful to her fiancé, so being open-minded and non-judgmental would also be good.” – Alexa. Read her full review here.


“I just finished reading I Take You and what can I say. WOW comes to my mind first.  What a bunch of characters!  Excuse the pun. LOL. I don’t normally read many books with erotica. By the time I got through Chapter Three of I Take You, I was thinking there should be a movie version. Lily and her family were so outrageous but loveable at the same time. Lily is so anti monogomus but you can’t help but love her and want to be her friend. This is a book unlike anything I have ever read. It is Sex and the City only more hilarious.  This may be Eliza Kennedy’s first novel, but I hope it won’t be her last.  She certainly has a way with words!  A refreshing twist on chick- lit with a bit extra on top.” – Shelly

“The premise is true –Lily Wilder has no business getting married, in the conventional sense. This book takes you on a journey of one-night stands the week before the big day as the protagonist wrestles with being true to her sexual desires in light of her upcoming wedding. She is ‘unmarriable’ by conventional standards; she sleeps around, she abuses drugs, and she has a criminal record.

On the positive side, I think Kennedy touches on some philosophical questions about human sexuality and monogamy that hasn’t been done before and how she concludes the story based on these discussions is surprising and interesting.” – Alison 

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