#HCCFirstLook: Can You Solve the Case?

Readers, this month’s #HCCFirstLook is for the detectives out there…

A controversial newspaper columnist has been murdered. 

Who did it? 

We have the clues all right here in this evidence bag. 

Are you ready to take on the case?


Be one of the first readers to take a look at this new novel, our latest #HCCFirstLook pick.
Email savvyreader@harpercollins.com, or “Like” or Comment on this Facebook post if you’re ready to take on this mystery. Hurry, this case comes off the table July 2nd. Sorry, Canadian gumshoes only.


What’s #HCCFirstLook? It’s a program that gives readers exclusive access to advanced copies of novels, before anyone else! 

Applying for this month’s #HCCFirstLook?
We’re looking for 5 detectives to take on the case.

If chosen, here’s what you have to do; 

Step 1: Read the ARC we provide. 
Step 2: Email us a short review of this mysterious title. 
Step 3: Do any 3 of the following:

  • Add (insert mystery title) to your 50 Book Pledge shelf
  • Add (insert mystery title) to a Pinterest board
  • Post a review on Amazon.ca
  • Post a review on Goodreads
  • Instagram a photo of the book
  • Post about (insert mystery title) on Facebook
  • Tweet about (insert mystery title)

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3 thoughts on “#HCCFirstLook: Can You Solve the Case?

  1. Would love to do this I am in bed most of the time so have time to read a lot. Did one for Renee Pawlish and really enjoyed it.

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