Ten Perfect Books For Your TBR Shelf This Spring!


The weather is warming up, and this past week I finally decided it’s time. It’s time to put away my winter coat and boots. I’m done with winter. I’m ready to commit myself fully to spring. It’s time to track down the sandals and the dresses! (At least as long as the snow stays away!) As a recent transplant to Toronto, I’m getting ready for the festivals and concerts and all the other amazing things the city has to offer when it’s warm. And, of course, in typical bookworm fashion, I’m getting ready for all the new releases that the season has in store for us! There’s a little something for everyone on this list, so get your TBR shelf ready for these gems!

The Fireman by Joe Hill

From the bestselling author of Horns, N0S4A2, and Heart-Shaped Box comes Hill’s new novel, The Fireman.  A new plague threatens civilization. It’s commonly called Dragonscale, and it’s destroying everything in its path. Those infected become marked with black and gold streaks across their bodies. Beautiful, but deadly. Eventually the carriers burst into flames. When Harper Grayson becomes infected, she’s determined to survive — at least long enough to deliver her unborn baby. As Harper fights to survive in a city collapsing in terror, she meets the figure of the Fireman. A mysterious, infected man who has not only survived the plague, but has learned to control it. On sale May 17, 2016.

Smoke by Dan Vyleta

From Dan Vyleta, author of the Globe and Mail’s book of the year and Giller-prize-shortlisted novel, The Crooked Maid, comes this new fantasy thriller. It’s England in the early 20th century, and anyone that thinks a wicked thought or performs a wicked deed is marked by the Smoke that pours from their mouth. Aristocrats are proven pure, and the lower classes show their guilt daily. And yet, the world is not quite as it seems. Three young students learn that the society they’ve been taught to believe in is a lie. And with this knowledge, all of their lives are at risk. On sale May 24, 2016.

The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor

From the bestselling author of The American Boy and The Silent Boy comes this new historical thriller. Set in London, England, after The Great Fire of 1666. After a body is discovered amongst the devastated city with his thumbs tied behind his back, disgraced printer and government informer James Marwood is given the task of finding the killer. On sale May 24, 2016.

Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam

From esteemed writer Rumaan Alam comes this debut novel. Meet Sarah and Lauren. Rich and pretty, respectively. They first met twenty years ago and have been inseparable ever since. But now they are both grown up and living very different lives. Both friends envy certain aspects of each others lives, and are privately horrified by other parts. Rich and Pretty looks at what happens when the friendships we form in childhood change and adapt, and captures the way in which the bonds of friendship remain strong even when our paths and circumstances diverge. On sale June 7, 2016.

Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All by Jonas Jonasson

From the bestselling author of The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared and The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden comes this new literary comedy. Hitman Anders has just recently been released from prison. He is doing small jobs for big gangsters in order to get by. His life takes a turn when he joins forces with two other misfits and they come up with an unusual plan based on Hitman Anders’s skills and reputation. When Hitman Anders begins to question the meaning of it all, he turns to Jesus — only to be shocked when Jesus answers him! Fast-paced and sparky, the novel follows these bizarre characters on their quest to create a New Church, with all of Sweden’s gangsters hunting them. On sale April 26, 2016.

The Decent Proposal by Kemper Donovan

This is an exciting debut novel for author Kemper Donovan. Two strangers are given one unusual proposition: spend at least two hours together, every week, for one year. If they succeed, they will split one million dollars. Richard and Elizabeth could not be more different — one is an optimistic 29 year old who spends his days at a coffee shop and his nights with his best friend. The other is a driven 33 year old who’s on track to become the partner at her law firm. Both agree to the proposal, but neither expect the many twists and turns their lives take over the course of the next year. On sale April 5, 2016.

Who’s That Girl by Mhairi McFarlane

Here’s a new comedy from the bestselling author of You Had Me At Hello. After Edie is caught in a compromising situation, she learns that not much has changed since high school. Suddenly she is being shamed online, ostracized by her friends and coworkers. Her office decides that she should take an extended sabbatical, move back to her hometown, and ghostwrite an autobiography for a hot new actor. As she struggles to deal with this spoiled actor and the move back into her father’s house, Edie must discover who she truly is. On sale May 24, 2016.

The Woman in the Photo by Mary Hogan

The critically-acclaimed author of Two Sisters is back with this new historical novel. Two women — one from the late 19th century, the other from modern-day California — are linked by a single tragic event. Elizabeth Haberlin lives a privileged life, but she is blessed and cursed with a mind of her own. When she discovers that the lives of the working class are in danger, she risks everything to warn her friend, Eugene. Lee Parker, whose adoption files have been opened on her 18th birthday, discovers the photo of a woman who looks just like her. Determined to identify her, Lee begins to dig into history. Once her DNA is revealed, she must choose whether or not she is to forge a new fate. On sale June 14, 2016.

The Other Widow by Susan Crawford

From the author of The Pocket Wife comes this new suspenseful novel, The Other Widow. Joe ends his affair with Dorrie only moments before they are involved in a tragic car accident that kills him. When she comes to, she can’t help but be suspicious of the events of that night. And now someone keeps calling Joe’s burner phone. Meanwhile, Joe’s wife Karen starts to suspect that someone is watching her and that she isn’t safe. Insurance investigator Maggie Devlin starts investigating the crash, which took place shortly after Joe took out a large life insurance policy. These three women are brought closer together as they begin to uncover the truth to Joe’s death. On sale April 26, 2016.

The Sisters by Claire Douglas

From debut author Claire Douglas comes this new psychological thriller about two sisters, one who lied, and one who died. As Abi tries to move on after her twin sisters car accident, strange things start to happens. Letters are stolen, threatening messages are left in her room. And as Abi works to protect her secrets, she must also fight for her own survival. On sale May 31, 2016.


(Seriously. I am so excited.)

So let us know – what are you reading, what are you loving, and what’s on your list this spring?


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