Top 10 Books about Sisters!

Hey there Savvy Readers! This week is dedicated to our readers out there who have a sister, are a sister, or maybe even have a friend who is like a sister. These lovely books explore the depths of sisterhood – everything from psychological thrillers to warmhearted comedies.



Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Sisters Lydia and Claire are as different as night and day. Claire is the glamourous trophy wife of a millionaire, while single mother Lydia is tight on money and dating an ex-convict. The two are barely on speaking terms due to a tragic past, but when tragedy strikes again, will they be able to reconcile in order to find redemption?  International bestselling author Karin Slaughter has written a brilliant, heart wrenching story that fits our sisterhood theme beautifully.

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver, a YA bestselling author, has created yet another masterpiece exploring the bond between sisters. When her sister Dara disappears, how will Nick cope with the impossibility of finding her? This novel easily falls into the “unable to put it down” category; it’ll leave you shocked whilst you flip back to reread the brilliance that is Oliver’s writing.


The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan

Set in Paris, France 1878. One sister is a part of the ballet while the other is an actress in the stage adaptation of L’Assommoir. Cathy Marie Buchanan brings the theatrical culture of the 1800s to life in this lovely historical fiction about two talented sisters, each on their own journey of temptation and fame.

The Three Sisters Bar & Hotel by Katherine Govier

Govier will have you wanting to take a trip to Rockies by the time you turn the last page. Her writing paints a beautiful picture of Western Canada and its history, with clever time jumps between 1911 and present day Gateway, Alberta. All you history buffs out there will love the family turmoil, romance and historical mystery in The Three Sisters Bar & Hotel.

Good Things Come in Threes

The Avery Sisters Trilogy by Rachel Vail


Phoebe Avery has lucked out her entire life. Good looks, brains, friends, you name it. But when her family is suddenly faced with losing all they have, how will she manage if luck is no longer on her side? All the drama will have you picking up the next book seconds after you finish this one.


The story has now turned to the more rebellious middle sister, Allison Avery. Not blessed with the blonde hair and beauty her sisters were, Allison has always been jealous. She might even go as far to make a deal with devil…but at what cost? Gorgeous takes on a slightly more raucous and sarcastic tone, making it a unique addition to the drama filled Avery Sisters Trilogy.


Finally we have Quinn Avery, the calm, cool and collected sister…or so it seems. Something has snapped inside Quinn and she finds herself sneaking out to parties and lying about it to her family. Will the bond she has with her family be enough to bring her back to her normal self again? This final installment of the Avery Sisters Trilogy is nothing short of brilliant (pun intended).

Family Feel Good

The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick

Set in an enchanting seaside town in New England, the story of three sisters will warm your heart and ignite your inner child who still believes in magic. Sorrel, Nettie and Patience are three skillfully crafted characters whose sisterly bond provokes greatness. Ellen Harick’s debut novel is skillfully written with a fire and compassion that will inspire all ages.

Beezus & Ramona by Beverly Cleary

A call-back to the classics, Beezus & Ramona is a timeless tale about the trials and tribulations of sisterhood. Who can blame Beezus for being impatient with her younger sister when said sister bakes her beloved dolls into rubber cakes? This hilarious and tender hearted book is a must read for our younger generation. For those of you who remember reading the Ramona books as a kid, prepare to feel young again: the amazing and talented Beverly Cleary turned 100 years old this April!

Out Today! (May 31st)

Douglas - The Sisters

The Sisters by Claire Douglas

When one twin sister dies, the other must struggle to survive. Abi has been thrown into this new privileged lifestyle filled with lies and deceit, making her question her own identity. This thrilling debut novel by Claire Douglas will keep you guessing until the very end!

Now: go give your sister (or sibling, family member, friend, neighbour, etc.) a hug!




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