Top 10 Reasons to Read Sophie Hannah!

In case you missed it, Sophie Hannah’s latest crime novel, A Game for All the Family, has finally hit the shelves! If you haven’t read any of Hannah’s works yet, you have to! And to convince you, I’ve compiled my top 10 reasons on why you should read Sophie Hannah.

(ANY of her books, though I seriously recommend you start with A Game for All the Family!)

She’s been at it for quite some time…

Hannah started writing at a very early age. Though while her most current material is quite dark in nature, her first poem was much lighter. At 8 years old, she wrote a poem about a snowflake.



She’s written across multiple genres.

Her works span many genres, including children’s, literary fiction, poetry, short stories, psychological crime, and horror.

writing genres

Catch her full bibliography here:

And she’s an award-winning author in many of those genres!

It’s not just me saying that she’s amazing! She won for Crime Thriller of the Year, and has been shortlisted for the TS Eliot Award for poetry.



She’s a massive Agatha Christie fan.

She takes her cues from the queen of crime herself. On multiple occasions, she has cited Christie as one of her biggest inspirations in writing crime fiction.

Agatha Christie


In fact, she’s such a big fan, that…

She brought Hercule Poirot back to life.

Almost 40 years after Agatha Christie wrote her last Hercule Poirot novel, Sophie Hannah was recruited by the Christie estate to continue the detective’s story. So far she has published Closed Casket and The Monogram Murders! We can’t wait to read more!


She doesn’t write cookie-cutter mysteries.

Hannah creates intricate mysteries filled with plot twists. When describing her writing process, she said, “At the very beginning of the story, I ask myself what mysterious, intriguing and apparently impossible scenario can I construct around an idea that seems to defy explanation? Alternatively, I’ll have a great idea for a solution to a mystery. I’ll think of a brilliant twist for what turns out to be the truth; then work backwards.”


Sneaky. I like it.


She argues for the legitimacy of crime fiction.

It’s no secret that literary fiction tends to view certain genres (like romance and crime) with a bit of disdain. But Hannah not only enjoys the crime genre, she’s proud to be primarily known as a crime writer. She’s been quoted as saying, “I’m snobby about books that aren’t crime fiction: if I start reading a literary novel and there’s no mystery emerging in the first few pages I’m like ‘Gah, this obviously isn’t a proper book, why would I want to carry on reading it?'”

you go girl


She believes that crime fiction can educate readers.

“I would feel frivolous if I took too much time off writing about serious relationships and human behaviour, to write about ghosts. There are lots of people whose lives are made a misery by other people. I never write about CIA conspiracies or the FBI or mafia or anything like that because I just don’t understand that world. But I think I do understand individual human harmfulness.”


And the world loves her writing.

Her crime fiction has been published in 32 languages and 51 territories!



And finally, Sophie Hannah’s A Game for All the Family is our 50 Book Pledge Featured Read!


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