Savvy Savings: June 8th!

As fellow readers, we know what it’s like…


Which is why, when we spot one, we’re going to share Savvy Savings for book lovers on the blog! But firstly, a few things:

  • The prices listed below are for the e-book editions of the books only.
  • Prices listed are set by Canadian e-retailers. Which means, unfortunately, we can only guarantee the discounts in Canada.
  • Prices listed were correct at the time we shared these savings (Wednesday, June 8th at 10:00 AM).
  • Prices may change without notice, so please verify the deal is still available before you download your new book!

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Foroutan - The Girl from the Garden

Set in 20th-century Iran, The Girl from the Garden tells the story of Asher Malacouti and his wife, Rakhel. Unable to produce a son, Asher makes a drastic decision that will shatter the family and drive Rakhel to dark extremes to save herself. Get this extraordinary debut novel from Parnaz Foroutan for just $1.99!

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Happy Reading!


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