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There’s no denying that some of the best One True Pairings come from the YA world. It’s in these books, movies, and shows that we meet the couples that we absolutely adore and root for. Remember the intense battles between Team Jacob and Team Edward? I sure do. (Team Jacob, btw.)

In these past few weeks, some of my favourite YA novels have been released in paperback, and it has me reflecting on some of my favourite pairings of all time!

Whether they ended up together or not.


(I’m still a little bitter over some of these. You’ll see.)

So I thought I would share my absolute top 10 with you! Take a look, and don’t forget to comment and let me know who your “OTPs” are!

Tris and Four (The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth)

We had to start here, of course! Earlier this year, the entire collection was released as a paperback box set. So, obviously, I had to reread the entire series. I love the relationship between Tris and Four. Their love story is chock full of action, romance, and tension! How can you not love it?


Ron and Hermione (The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling)

I don’t care what J.K. Rowling has said since the series ended, Ron and Hermione were meant to be together. And if I wasn’t sold on the couple in the books, the movies clinched it for me! Also, I love anything and everything Emma Watson.


Lucas and Brooke (One Tree Hill)

I am still angry over this! I started watching One Tree Hill when I was 14 years old, and for the past 12 years, I have firmly believed that Brooke and Lucas were meant to be. I mean, come on! Just look at them:


So. much. passion.

Simon and Blue (Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli)

Romance in the technological age can be rough, and that’s a lesson that Simon learns the hard way. When one of his emails with Blue falls into the wrong hands, Simon risks having his secrets spilled to the whole school. Simon and Blue’s romance is quirky and awkward and utterly adorable. Despite the fact that their romance blossomed through emails (which is, admittedly, not the most romantic way to fall in love), I spent the entire book rooting for them.

PS. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda was just released in paperback! If you haven’t read it yet, now’s the time!

America and Prince Maxon (The Selection Series by Kiera Cass)

I love a good, complicated love story. And I certainly got that in Kiera Cass’s Selection series! From the love triangle that starts in the first novel, The Selection, to the next generation perspective of The Heir, I lived for the love story of America and Prince Maxon. And I can’t wait to follow the new story now that The Crown has finally hit stores!

Rory and Jess (Gilmore Girls)

We won’t talk about Logan. No one mention Logan.

I firmly believe that when the series reboot hits Netflix, we will learn that Rory finished school, travelled the world, met up with Jess along the way, and they’ve been living happily ever after ever since! The End.


Lauren and Brody (The Hills)

Reality TV counts, right? Because I spent years waiting for Lauren and Brody to get together.


Mare and Cal (The Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard)

When Red Queen was released in paperback last week, I took that as my cue to catch up on this beloved series! And I love it.

When discussing OTPs with a coworker, her choice for Red Queen was, “Mare and anyone except Maven.” And, thankfully, I could finally be all:


But seriously, even before I understood why she was so anti-Maven, I was all about the Mare-Cal pairing.

Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins)

I love a good love triangle, but seriously, Gale Shmale. It was so obvious that Katniss and Peeta were the couple to root for in Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games.

(Also, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss made it all so much better. Because just watch them together! So maybe it’s less team Peeta and Katniss, more team Josh and Jennifer?)


Seth and Summer (The O.C.)

I hold a special place for Seth and Summer deep, deep in my heart. As a young teenager, I rooted for the geeky and awkward Seth Cohen to finally get the girl. And it only grew as Summer turned from spoiled brat to totally beloved character. I still live for this pairing.

seth and summer

So cute!

So who is your One True Pairing? Did you disagree with any on my list? Let me know!


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