Bookmarks: June 17th

Hi Savvy Readers! It’s time for another edition of Bookmarks, where we round up our favourite bookish news, links, and photos of the week. In this week’s Bookmarks, you’ll find why we love our libraries, a movie news update, a PSA about Father’s Day, and more. Keep reading to get the scoop or “Bookmark” this post for later!

1. Susan Juby Wins Leacock Medal for Humour

Susan Juby Republic of Dirt wins 2016 Leacock Medal for Humour

The 2016 Leacock Medal for Humour was awarded this week and Susan Juby was the big
winner for her novel The Republic of Dirt. Awarded each year, the Leacock Medal for Humour helps to “encourage the growth of Canadian humour writing” and honours Canadian humorist and writer Stephen Leacock. Congratulations, Susan! Add The Republic of Dirt to your 50 Book Pledge challenge here.

2. Toronto Library Working to Provide Take-Home Wifi for Patrons

Public Library to lend out wifi in Toronto

(Photo via CBC News)

Here’s another reason to love the public library! On top of lending out books, DVDs,
instruments, and more, CBC News reported that the Toronto Public Library will soon be offering “portable WiFi hotspots, which will be loaned out for up to six months at a time” so that those who can’t afford it are able to access the internet from home. Read CBC
News‘ full article here.

3. Soon We’ll Be Finding Winnie on the Big Screen


Great news, Winnie the Pooh fans! It was announced this week that an A.A. Milne biopic
is in the works and Domhnall Gleeson (aka Bill Weasley!) and Margot Robbie have signed
on to star in it. I wonder if they’re going to read Lindsay Mattick‘s Finding Winnie
to prepare for their roles? Click here to read CBC Books’ article on this exciting news.

4. Head’s Up! A “Rotten Tomatoes for Books” is Here

Book Marks Rotten Tomatoes for Books Literary Hub

As all book lovers know, just one Bookmark is never enough! Literary Hub has launched their own version of Book Marks, which is a “Rotten Tomatoes for books,” reports Electric Literature. Each book on the site is given a letter grade depending on how favourable its reviews are. Check out Book Marks here!

5. Father’s Day is this Sunday

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Book Recommendations Savvy Reader

Don’t forget, Savvy Readers! Father’s Day is this Sunday. Whether you’re celebrating
with your dad, grandad, or friend, don’t show up empty handed. Check out our Top 10
Books to Give for Father’s Day no matter what kind of reader you’re shopping for! Who else is planning to gift one of these books to a loved one this weekend?

Favourite Picture of the Week:

Jeopardy Brie Larson Jacob Tremblay Emma Donoghue Clue

(Picture via @DamnitMaurie)

Literary Jeopardy is the best Jeopardy! I was so excited to see this photo tweeted by Twitter user@DamnitMaurie this week. Do you know the answer to this Jeopardy question? (Here‘s a hint!)

Alright, Savvy Readers! I’m off to enjoy the weekend with my family and friends. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Bookmarks. Don’t forget to share  your thoughts with us on Twitter @SavvyReader or in the comments section below!


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