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Hello there, Savvy Readers!

If you follow Karen’s Bookmarks series (and if you don’t, you should!), you probably know that a few months back, HarperCollins Canada gave Canadian readers the opportunity to read Eleanor Wasserberg’s Foxlowe before it was even on sale!

I’m excited to announce that winners were chosen, copies were sent out, and the reviews are rolling in!

So let me tell you a little about Foxlowe!

Foxlowe is a compulsive and chilling debut novel about a young girl growing up in a cult.

Wasserberg - Foxlowe

We were the Family, and Foxlowe was our home.

There was me – my name is Green – and my little sister, Blue. There was October, who we called Toby, and Ellensia, Dylan, Liberty, Pet and Egg. There was Richard, of course, who was one of the Founders. And there was Freya.

We were the Family, but we weren’t just an ordinary family. We were a new, better kind of family.

We didn’t need to go to school, because we had a new, better kind of education. We shared everything. We were close to the ancient way of living and the ancient landscape. We knew the moors, and the standing stones. We celebrated the solstice in the correct way, with honey and fruit and garlands of fresh flowers. We knew the Bad and we knew how to keep it away.

And we had Foxlowe, our home. Where we were free.

There really was no reason for anyone to want to leave.

So what did our reviewers think? Keep reading!


Source: @spazztastic519

Foxlowe is a compelling, dark tale that will leave you feeling either sympathetic, or horrified.” – Juliann G.

“The writing is brilliant. The story is told from Green’s point of view, and we can so clearly hear her naivety, her yearning and her manipulation of herself that it is almost impossible not to feel bad for her or to connect to her in some way.” – Juliann G.

“The author effectively makes you see the horror, and expertly covers it up with games and misguided joy.” – Juliann G.


Source: @93diagonalley_

“The best part of all though, is that the author is not shy about abuse, horrific situations, or even ptsd. She takes it all in stride, gives us all the gritty, dark, raw details, and gives it to us in twists and on every page.” – Juliann G.

“The atmosphere is dark, but the mood is light, a contrast that makes the book seem more of a happy tale than it really is.” – Juliann G.

“Overall, Foxlowe is a chilling tale that compels you to keep reading, and hides all the horror with a child’s voice. A horrifying, dark read turned light and happy and twisted by a naive child.” – Juliann G.


Source: @emilythebibliophile

Foxlowe is one of those books that makes you feel uneasy from the second you start reading it. The dark undertones are present immediately and they never dissipate.” – Maria C.

“The novel is chilling right from the start — because Green does not know everything the adults are up to, neither do we. However, there are enough hints about the adults’ dangerous behaviour that we soon realize something is seriously wrong at Foxlowe.” – Kelsi H.

Foxlowe is an exploration of group mentality and the full extent of the horrors of which humans are capable. The house is haunted, but there is no need for ghosts — the human mind is dangerous enough.” – Kelsi H.


Source: @bigcitybookworm

“This book is haunting and disturbing as you’d expect any other cult/commune story to be.” – Tayyaba S.

“The narration is insightful and well written with dark elements of despair hidden behind such innocence. It kept me going even though I could guess where it would end and even then it left me in a state of defeat because no amount of wishing could prevent the inevitable.” – Tayyaba S.

“It takes a strong plot, well-defined characters and originality for a book to grip my interest from the first to last page, and Foxlowe did just that.” – Ashley G.


Source: @fuelledbyfiction

“The characters and their storylines are enthralling.” – Ashley G.

“Overall, Foxlowe is a dark and compelling read that I devoured quickly. I am excited to see what the rest of the world thinks of the book as it makes its debut!” – Ashley G.

“I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t put it down. A very dark and compelling novel. The characters are raw and captivating. Too, I was very pleased with Wasserberg’s writing. She has a firm grasp on the modern Gothic genre.” – Emily P.


Source: @robynnegrace22

“Attempting to explain a confusing social dynamic through the eyes of a child is a struggle, though this book did it very well.” – Robynne H.

“I enjoyed the fact that the first part of the story was told by a child. I think children’s points of view are fascinating to read from, especially since they can be very unreliable narrators. Green really builds the suspense and we see a lot of secrets unraveling in the second part of the book. I also appreciated the themes of childhood innocence and bad parenting that came with the use of this point of view.” – Michaela

“The overall themes of childhood, corruption, betrayal, and idealism made Foxlowe very mysterious and intriguing.” – Michaela

Thank you to all our lovely reviewers!

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