The Top 10 Clothing/Accessory Items All Book Lovers Need

Hello, Savvy Readers!

Today we’ve put together your go-to clothing and accessories wish list—and by that I mean we’ve rounded up some of the best book-related clothing items out there (and we might have added them to our shopping lists, too).

Here are ten items you’ll be asking for—long before Christmas comes around.

you're welcome

In literally every situation…

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Fit for both male (bowtie) and female (hair bow) book-lovers. It’s a win-win

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Because isn’t every book lover also a pun lover?

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Cozy is a must for most book lovers, so, these reading socks are a given

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Let the shirt speak for itself

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Of course you’ll need to pass on your love of good books to your children

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For those days when you want to go pant free, there’s still a bookish option

il_570xN.602066334_70ax Get it here

A beautiful accessory dedicated to this classic (and many others)

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A simple addition to any outfit that will still let the world know you’re a book loveril_570xN.633532052_x9pf

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And of course, “a cow jumping over the moon” pajama set (seriously, how cute are these!?)


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So there you have it—ten clothing/accessory items you need to order ASAP. I’m excited to hear from you in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader which item you’re ordering first (or which ones you already own)!


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