Top 10 Reasons to Read Lucy Holliday’s A Night In Series!

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It’s been a minute since my last Savvy Top 10. As the weather has been getting warmer and warmer (and warmer and warmer), I’ve been devouring my summer reading list. And while I’ve been making great headway on some amazing new releases, I’ve also been taking to opportunity to return to some old favourites. And definitely, one of the best summer decisions I made was reading Lucy Holliday’s A Night In Series.

Starting with A Night in with Audrey Hepburn and followed by A Night in with Marilyn Monroe, Holliday’s series follows Libby Lomax as she attempts to find her place in the world (and her perfect Happily Ever After). Of course, all her plans are thrown off course when glamorous starlets of Hollywood’s past begin to appear in her tiny apartment.

So here you go! The top 10 reasons that you should be reading Lucy Holliday’s A Night In series next!

The Perfect Summer Read


I’m not kidding when I say that I was able to read both A Night in with Audrey Hepburn AND A Night in with Marilyn Monroe over the course of one weekend while sitting poolside. If you’re a fan of Sophie Kinsella or Lindsey Kelk, you need to give Lucy Holliday a read! They’re lighthearted, easy reads that pair well with a light, summery drink (or two – I’m not judging).

Stories with Heart

And while they’re incredibly easy reads, these stories have a lot of heart. Libby’s family struggles are heart wrenching at times. You really feel for her as she deals with her narcissistic sister, her insensitive mother, and her almost totally absent father.

Return to Old Hollywood Glamour


Holliday clearly spent a lot of timing making sure that her characterizations of both Audrey and Marilyn are both entertaining and factual. In fact, she says in this interview that one of the most challenging aspects of these books (and one that I think she excelled at) was getting the “voices” of her icons on paper. But it’s not just their voices that ring true; the way she describes their clothes and mannerisms make you as a reader feel like you’re also sitting next to Audrey and Marilyn.

(But Realistically So)

One of my favourite parts of this series is the way that Holliday portrayed these icons. It’s all too easy for us to romanticize these old Hollywood starlets, and my generation is particularly guilty of viewing Marilyn Monroe as this incredible, untouchable icon. But Holliday acknowledges the tragic reality of Audrey’s past and Marilyn’s future, and allows the reader to connect with these icons as the complicated people that they were.



No lie, there is a lot of romance in these books, but Libby’s friends play a huge role throughout the series. I love how the books deal with a lot of adult problems that sometimes cause us to lose touch with some of our best friends. And in the end, the friendships are just as important as the romances.


Bogdan (Son of Bogdan)

I love a good supporting character. And Bogdan, the Moldovan son of a possible gangster who dreams of becoming a hairstylist, is by far one of my favourites.

(But why do I picture him as Oaken from Frozen?!)


Relatable Heroines

There’s nothing worse than a Mary Sue character who is so perfect that the reader couldn’t possibly relate to them. Trust me, you don’t get that with Libby. She’s as flawed as they come, and the reader can understand how she lands herself in one uncomfortable situation after another. It’s easy to root for Libby, because it’s so easy to see aspects of yourself in her.


Juicy Love Triangles


What is a good summer read without a complicated love triangle? Whether you’re Team Dillon or Team Olly, you’ll love following along as Libby tries to sort it all out.


For the record, #TeamOlly.


I love a good character crush, and trust me, Olly is the very best book boyfriend you could ever hope to have.

And finally…

There’s a New Book in the Series!

Holliday - A Night in with Grace Kelly

Lucy Holliday’s final book in the series, A Night in with Grace Kelly, was released last week! Which means the entire series will be available for you to binge read this weekend. What better time to get on board reading a series? I’m dying to find out how this series ends. Will Libby find her happily ever after? And what great life advice can this new icon give her?


I. Cannot. Wait.


If anyone needs me this weekend, I’ll be sprawled outside with a book and a cocktail.

Let me know what you think of Lucy Holliday’s A Night In series!


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