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Happy Friday, Savvy Readers! This week has been all about the Olympics: we shared Top 10 Books to Read to Get You in the Olympic Spirit, and even rounded up some Olympic-themed Savvy Savings. Of course, we also made sure to swoon over this gorgeous cover (and its contents) and note some important lessons from The Hating Game. If you’re all caught up on our blog posts for the week, let’s catch up on the bookish news you may have missed:

1. Get Into the Olympic Spirit by Joining Epic Reads’ Reading Decathlon

EpicReads Reading Olympics Reading Decathalon Marathon

If you’re like me, your dreams of being an athlete were dashed when you realized you have terrible hand eye coordination. But, if you’re like me, there is one sport that you are good at: reading! So why not join in on the Olympic fun and participate in Epic ReadsReading Decathalon Challenge? They’re challenging us readers to read 10 books in 10 days. Think you can do it? Click here to find out more about this fun challenge!

2. Will the Next Generation of Bookstores Be Wifi Free?

No Wi-Fi Bookstores in London New York Times Article

(Credit: The New York Times)

In our world of constant connection, it can be hard to unplug and be in the moment. Seeing this, some bookstores in London have declared themselves no wifi zones so that patrons can rediscover the magic of getting lost in bookstacks with no digital distractions. See what some booksellers have to say about their no-wifi stores here. Would you go to a bookstore with no wifi, Savvy Readers?

3. Unlock an Excerpt from The Wonder

Emma Donoghue is back! After an incredibly busy year last year with the film adaptation of her bestselling novel Room, Emma Donoghue is gracing our bookshelves again this fall with a new novel, The Wonder, about a nurse who is hired to keep watch over a girl who claims she does not need food to survive. Intrigued? You can help unlock an excerpt by “liking” Emma Donoghue‘s Facebook page here!

Favourite Picture of the Week:

Every Day is Book Lovers Day HarperCollins Canada Quote

This week, many of us celebrated National Book Lovers’ Day (any excuse to celebrate reading, right?!), but if we’re being honest I think this image reflects how we really feel.

I hope your weekend is full of books, Savvy Readers! Don’t forget to share what you’re reading with us on Twitter @SavvyReader. Until next time!


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