August 8-12: #50BookPledge Round-Up

Oh hey there, Savvy Readers!

I’d like to introduce to you a new feature on the Savvy Reader that you can now look forward to having every Saturday with your morning coffee. Each week, the Savvy Reader team will be updating you with what we’re doing, how we’re (you’re) doing, and what we’re going to do next. So, on the off chance (or not-so off chance) that you had a crazy busy week, we’ll fill you in on everything you’ve missed and everything you should stay tuned for. This feature is also for our most dedicated Savvy followers who want to read everything over again (ha!) or those who just want to know what’s coming up next.


The 50 Book Pledge

You guys are amazing. Like seriously, though. We currently have 4,976 pledges. That’s four-thousand-nine-hundred-and-seventy-six (!!!!). We’re only 24 pledges away from 5,000 pledges! That’s incredible, you guys. Now go call your friends (kidding… sort of).

So far in 2016 (we’re 8 months in… when did that happen?), we’ve read 89,795 books… which means we’re only 60,205 books away from reaching our community goal of 150,000. Easy peasy! That also means we’ve met 59% of our goal. That feels pretty good, but why stop while we’re ahead, right?

Okay, enough with all the numbers.


What’s new?

Funny you asked! Have you heard of the cool new app, Reco? Wait, of course you have, you’re Savvy Readers! Well… In case you haven’t, let me tell you. Reco’s tagline is “great books from real people,” so that’s the first reason we signed up (because who doesn’t like great books and real people?). It comes to us from our friends at Indigo Books & Music, who “believe that the best book recommendations come from the people you trust.” On Reco you can share your favourite books, discover great books from your friends (including us!), keep track of everything you want to read, and have great discussions about the stories you love. The best part? It’s FREE! Download it for iOS here.


This Week’s Featured Read

What a beauty of a book! I mean the cover AND content are both irresistible. I’m talking about Jessie Burton’s The Muse, in case you didn’t catch on. Add it to your 50 Book Pledge TBR shelf and check out what our fellow readers thought.

“This book consumed me, and was constantly on my mind for the past couple of days. I didn’t want to put it down, and even when I did put it down, I was still thinking about it.” – Ambur, Goodreads

“An astounding long-lost painting comes to light in London in 1967 and the story that unfolds from this discovery is both haunting and suspenseful. This one will draw you in…” – Mile High Denver,

“The Muse is a fantastic read with well-plotted twists.” – OlaReadsBooks blog, Google books

The Muse kept me guessing until the very end; it’s one of those books that features the excruciating wait you are going to experience until you read the last page.” – The Savvy Reader


Rewards & Contests

Although I can’t tell you anything just yet, I’d like to tell you to STAY TUNED (!) for some exciting contests and rewards in the upcoming weeks.

This week on the Savvy Reader

TLDR – if that’s how you felt about this week’s posts, here’s a quick synopsis for you.


Tuesday August 9 – Top 10 Books to Read to Get You In the Olympic Spirit
Rya rounded up some great reads to get you in the mood for the Rio 2016 Olympics, including titles like A Mother For All Seasons by Debbie Phelps and Heroes, Villain & Velodromes by Chris Hoy. Share your favourite athletic or Olympic-themed books with us @SavvyReader!

Wednesday August 10 – Savvy Savings
This week’s Savvy Savings were Olympic themed, featuring titles like Hope Solo and The Keeper: The Unguarded Story of Tim Howard.

Thursday August 11 – Important Lessons from The Hating Game
Allie rounded up some great lessons – like finding the right lipstick and that everybody deserves a second chance – that you can find in Sally Thorne’s latest, The Hating Game.

Friday August 12 – Bookmarks
Yesterday, Karen shared some important bookish news with us (including Epic Reads Reading Decathlon and how you can unlock an excerpt of The Wonder, Emma Donoghue’s new novel!!), which was great, as always.

Stay Tuned

Next week we’ll be featuring an excellent read by author Susan Wiggs (can you guess what it is?), something regarding the wonderful Nadia Hashimi, and a perfect pairings post! Stay tuned, Savvy Readers!


Now, go enjoy your weekend. And by that I mean go and read a book.


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