Top 10 Quotes from Nadia Hashimi

Choosing my ten favourite Nadia Hashimi quotes is a near impossible task, because all of her books are packed with powerful sentences that carry you completely into the story she is telling. Some of these quotes I’ve chosen feel prophetic, some are heartbreaking, and some just make you see the world differently. But all of them show us that whatever the cultural context, family, freedom, hope, love and strength are universally human.

Here are some of my favourites:

“The human spirit, you know what they say about the human spirit? It is harder than a rock and more delicate than a flower petal.” ―The Pearl That Broke Its Shell

“The person who doesn’t appreciate the apple doesn’t appreciate the orchard.” ―The Pearl That Broke Its Shell


“To be around family is to feel the possibility of growing roots again.” – When the Moon is Low

“Refugees didn’t just escape a place. They had to escape a thousand memories until they’d put enough time and distance between them and their misery to wake to a better day.” ―When The Moon Is Low

“We see the face that should be doesn’t smile, the sliver of sun between dead tree branches. Time passes differently through a woman’s body. We are haunted by all the hours of yesterday and teased by a few moments of tomorrow. That is how we live—torn between what has already happened and what is yet to come. – A House Without Windows

“If you wait to dance on the moon, you may never dance at all.” ―When The Moon Is Low


“Had she known what prison would be like, Latifa often thought, she might have marched herself past that barbed-wire fence long ago, turning herself in for some kind of impropriety” – A House Without Windows

“I can see this stuff now because I’m ten years old and not a child anymore… My father’s leg taught me a lot about my parents.  I can see they’re not always strong and they’re not always right.” ―One Half from the East

“I know where to find rainbows that don’t run away.” ―One Half from the East

“I watch the boys drift one way and the girls another.  I am now in the weird place between both worlds.” ―One Half from the East


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