Bookmarks: August 19th

Happy Friday, Savvy Readers! Are you ready for a new edition of Bookmarks? I know I am! In case you’re new to The Savvy Reader, Bookmarks is a weekly feature where we share our favourite bookish news stories, links, and photos from the past week. So keep reading to find out what happened in the book world this week or simply “Bookmark” this post for later!

1. Trailer Alert: Hidden Figures (!!)

Oh my goodness, guys. This week, the Hidden Figures movie trailer was released and it looks so good! Hidden Figures is about the black female mathematicians that worked at NASA from World War II and through to the Cold War. The roles these women played in helping the US win the space race has been largely overlooked — until now. Check out the inspiring trailer above. Can’t wait for the movie? Hidden Figures the book comes out on September 6th!

2. The Codex Silenda Takes the Term “Puzzle Book” To a Whole New Level

Codex Silenda Interactive Book with Puzzles to Unlock

(Credit: Bored Panda/Brady Whitney)

This book is a dream for puzzle lovers and bookworms! The Codex Silenda, designed by Brady Whitney, is a book that requires the reader to navigate puzzles to unlock each page before it can be read. Read more about this cool interactive book here.

3. Kobo Teases a Big New Release Later This Month

Kobo Aura One New Big Ereader

(Credit: Wired/Kobo)

Great news, e-book fans! It was announced this week that Kobo has plans to release a new e-reader, Kobo Aura One, and it’s bigger and better than ever — literally. The new Kobo Aura One is reported to be 7.8 inches and boasts an array of cool features. Read more about this exciting new e-reader here.

4. It’s Time for Another #HCCFirstLook!

Win The Wangs vs. The World Jade Chang with HCC First Look

Get ready, world! The Wangs are on their way. The Wangs vs. The World, a fun story perfect for fans of The Nest and Crazy Rich Asians, doesn’t come out until October, but thanks to HCC First Look, 10 keen readers will get to read the book before it officially comes out. Click here for a chance to win an advanced copy of The Wangs Vs. The World!

Alright, Savvy Readers, that’s it for me this week. Did I miss any important news? Be sure to share your favourite story of the week with us in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!


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