August 15-19: #50BookPledge Round-Up

Hi Savvy Readers!

In case you missed it last week, we’ve introduced a new feature over here at The Savvy Reader. Each Saturday, we’ll be rounding up all of the exciting things going on with the 50 Book Pledge and the Savvy Reader blog. We’ll also give you a sneak peek at what you can look forward to in the future weeks, and potentially hint at any upcoming giveaways… Keep reading.


The 50 Book Pledge

Keeping it steady, Savvy Readers! Last week, we were at 59% of reaching our community goal (of reading 150,000 books). This week, we’ve already pushed through another 2%, standing at 61% of our goal!

Last week, we had also read 89,795 books so far this year. In just one week, we’ve collectively read 2,560 books! That’s HUGE you guys! You Savvy Readers really are savvy, aren’t ya?


We also are sitting at a total of 4,984 pledges. Do you think we can make it to 5,000 pledges before 2016 comes to an end?!

What’s New?

If you missed this update last week, we’re on Reco, and you should be too.


This Week’s Featured Read


I had the pleasure of reading (and reviewing!) this week’s Feature Read, Family Tree by bestselling author Susan Wiggs. Here’s what my fellow readers and I thought:

“Wiggs writes a fast-paced novel that will keep you intrigued.” – The Savvy Reader

“Fans of the author should be very pleased with it, and anyone who has ever had any curiosity about maple syrup will absolutely love it.” – Paper or Kindle via

“I have enjoyed many of Susan Wiggs’ offerings in the past and “Family Tree” is no exception. Her writing style is clear, her characters are relatable, and her storylines are realistic – full of rich emotional content without being melodramatic.” – Lizz A. Belle via

“I read this yesterday in one gloriously delicious reading binge – which seems totally appropriate considering the amount of absolutely yummy cooking that occurs within the pages this book. I couldn’t put this one down because the story is excellent.” – Marlene via Reading Reality

This Week on the Savvy Reader

We had tons of great stuff on the Savvy Reader this week, from our exciting Featured Read to Nadia Hashimi quotes and an amazing Perfect Pairings post! I know that’s a lot to handle for a Saturday morning, so luckily I’m here to sum it all up for you in just a few short sentences.

Tuesday August 16 – Top 10 Quotes from Nadia Hashimi

It was a pretty difficult task, but Kate summed up her ten favourite Nadia Hashimi quotes in light of her new book, A House Without Windows, going on sale. Example: “The human spirit, you know what they say about the human spirit? It is harder than a rock and more delicate than a flower petal.” ―The Pearl That Broke Its Shell. Read more

Wednesday August 17 – Savvy Savings

Great books, great deals. This week our Savvy Savings included an Adriana Trigiani novel, The Teacher and The Opposite of Everyone (gorgeous cover!). Buy any (or all) of them for your eReader for just $1.99 each! More details here.

Thursday August 18 – Perfect Pairings: Books and Songs

A long overdue Perfect Pairings post was brought to us by Jessica, our in-house music expert. If you like listening to music while reading, or if you just like to make playlists that fit the tone of the book you’re reading, check out this great post that pairs books with songs.

Friday August 19 – Bookmarks

Our favourite day of the week got even better with all of the great bookish news Karen shared with us on Bookmarks! Not only is there a great trailer for Hidden Figures (!!), but there’s also a new Kobo AND the Codex Silenda (if you don’t know what this is, you need to check this out). So seriously, read up on this week’s bookish news here.

Rewards & Contests

Although we don’t have any contests in the running this week, our friends at HarperCollins Canada sure do! You can enter to be part of their exclusive program, HCC First Look, by clicking this link, which means you get to read a special advanced reading copy of a great new book, The Wangs vs. the World. Follow the instructions here and enter to win!


Stay Tuned

Next week, we’ll be featuring Nadia Hashimi’s latest novel, books that you must reread before summer is over, and a very, very, very fun preview that will also introduce something (cough, a giveaway, cough) that I know you will ALL be excited about!! Stay tuned, Savvy Readers!


What was your favourite post of the week? Tell me @SavvyReader or in the comments below!

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