August 22-26: #50BookPledge Round-Up

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Can you believe that August is actually ending this week? I feel like it was just yesterday that I said “can you believe it’s August?”… I’m not complaining though, fall is one of my absolute favourite months (and it’s Karen’s, too!). I’m back with our 50 Book Pledge weekly round-up, and boy, has it been an exciting week! Read on to find out why!


The 50 Book Pledge

You guys have utterly blown me away… We now have a total of 5080 pledges (and that number is increasing rapidly… which I think might have a little something to do with this), which is so exciting! More friends to read and talk about books with, yay! We’ve also read 95793 books, leaving us just a mere 54,207 books away from reaching our 2016 Community Goal! We can do this!


This Week’s Featured Read


If you haven’t picked up this week’s Featured Read yet, do it now. Nadia Hashimi is an amazing writer. If you’ve never read her books before, you won’t be disappointed if A House Without Windows is your first (though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up all of her other books too). Here’s the low-down:

“Lyrical prose with compelling and emotionally trying stories combine beautifully in this hard to walk away from must read.” – Gayle, Amazon

“This astonishing, and sometimes disturbing novel is a glimpse into what the modern women of Afghanistan face.” – Erin, Goodreads

“Nadia is a master of soft, beautiful prose, and I enjoyed underlining throughout my read.” – The Savvy Reader

“A powerful, if flawed, portrait of an honorable woman living amid dishonorable men.” – Kirkus Reviews

“There is much to learn here, much to gain in Zeba’s story as well as the stories of all the characters.” – Saadia, New York Journal of Books

This Week on the Savvy Reader

What an exciting week we’ve had, Savvy Readers!!


Tuesday August 23 – Top 10 Books to Re-read this Summer

Are you looking for some new (old) titles for your TBR list? Look no further! We summed up the top 10 books you should re-read before the summer is over (okay, sorry, we know that’s not giving you much time). Jessica includes some great book-to-movie options as well as books by authors with new books coming out soon!

Tuesday August 23 – A House Without Windows: Reading Guide

Yes, that’s right! We had two posts on one day this week, because we just couldn’t wait to share more Nadia Hashimi with you. Here you’ll find a great summary of Nadia’s new book, A House Without Windows, and questions for discussion! Use these for your book club, classroom, or just to chat with your friends!

Wednesday August 24 – Savvy Savings

Our favourite day of the week, because it means we get to save money AND buy books all at the same time. This week, Allie found some great eBook deals including on titles like 300 Days of Sun and The Stopped Heart.

Thursday August 25 – Fall Fiction Preview 2016 (!!)

What a fun day! On Thursday, we rounded up ten of some of our most anticipated fall titles including books like Leave Me, Closed Casket, and The Wonder. Oh, and if you didn’t hear, we also announced a giveaway to go with it. As in, we’re giving away all ten of these amazing titles to one lucky winner. Read the post to find out more!

Friday August 26 – Bookmarks

Karen brought us some great book news, including an exciting announcement from HCC Frenzy, details on how you can get read the first chapter of Emma Donoghue’s latest (for free!), and some news on Britney Spears… what?


Rewards & Contests

Have you heard about our giveaway? Well, if you haven’t, then you didn’t read very closely above. But I’ll tell you anyway (because I’m nice like that). We announced our most anticipated fall titles for 2016 on Thursday, and we also announced a very exciting giveaway, where we are giving all ten of the titles away to one lucky winner! You can enter here, but only until Thursday – so do it ASAP!

Also, if you’ve read When the Moon is Low, The Bone Tree, Where They Found Her, or The Rosie Project, your 50 Book Pledge badges might have an addition to them sometime this week…


Stay Tuned

Next week, we’ll be featuring a fantastic novel by Jacqueline Woodson. We’ll also give you a sneak peek at something Harry Potter related (not saying anymore!), and we’ll be announcing some of the nonfiction titles we’re most excited for this fall! Stay tuned, stay tuned! Follow us for updates @SavvyReader.


We want to know what you think! Let us know if there’s anything new you’d like to see on the Savvy Reader, or anything you’d like to see more of in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!
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